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Drill_2t.jpg (17858 bytes) MINERALOGICAL RESEARCH COMPANY was established in 1958 by Eugene and Sharon Cisneros.

Our sub-logo, from the home page, summarizes our objectives in one short statement: SEARCHING THE WORLD TO BRING YOU THE FINEST IN MINERAL AND METEORITE SPECIMENS, AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. For more than 60 years, since 1958, we have been involved in the study of mineralogy and have been applying the knowledge, gained through our research, to the acquisition of mineral specimens for all types of collecting needs. You will find, showcased under our MINERAL SPECIMENS FOR DISPLAY pages, offers of crystallized minerals for the discriminating collector. If you like beautiful minerals, check out the color photographs and descriptions of our new acquisitions.

SYSTEMATIC COLLECTION -- If your interest in mineralogy has broadened to the level where you are now specializing in rare mineral species for reference, research, or systematic collection, you will be pleased to know that we have a very active business as suppliers of rare mineral species for specialty collections, as well as for special research projects. We are continually pursuing the acquisition of newly described mineral species, unusual minerals to help with special research projects, locality collections, as well as specialty element collections (i.e., all copper-bearing minerals, lead-bearing minerals, native elements, uranium and other radioactive minerals, etc.). Check our SYSTEMATIC COLLECTION pages for additional information and listings of rare or hard to obtain mineral species available.

FLUORESCENT MINERALS -- We stock one of the largest selections of rare and unusual fluorescent minerals in the world. Specimens of all sizes are available for reference collection, as well as large display pieces.

ULTRAVIOLET LAMPS -- Many different types are available in a wide range of models for field use, handheld for home, laboratory, and shop use, as well as large units for illumination of home or institutional display.

In the MINERAL BOOKS section we feature listings of new books that are of interest to the mineral collector. Titles include books covering special mineral/mining localities, new books covering mineralogy, geology, gemology, fluorescent minerals, micromounts, etc. Check out the MINERAL BOOKS page, to access the descriptive write-ups on books you may want to add to your reference library. Also included on the MINERAL BOOKS page is information on how to obtain our price list covering used, one of a kind mineral and geology books.

The MINERALOGICAL RECORD is a bimonthly magazine written by and for mineral collectors, currently in its 28th year of publication. We offer back issues for sale, and we also buy back issues -- check out the MINERALOGICAL RECORD buy/sell pages. We maintain a very large selection of back issues for sale, and provide a search system for collectors who are looking for hard to obtain, older issues to help complete their collections.

METEORITES, TEKTITES and MOLDAVITES -- We have been dealing in meteorites and tektites for private collections, as well as for institutional display, since 1980. Selections are featured from worldwide localities including many fine, display quality iron, stony, stony-iron, etc. meteorites individually described, and illustrated. A separate snail mail listing, covering meteorites and tektites, as well as moldavites and other related items from worldwide localities, is also available. Click on the METEORITES, TEKTITES and MOLDAVITES heading on the home page for details re: how to obtain other lists by snail mail.

The METEORITE AND TEKTITE BOOKS section features new books covering meteorites and tektites, and related subjects. A separate price list covering used, one of a kind meteorite and tektite books, is available for snail mailing. Check out the METEORITE BOOKS page for additional information.

FULGURITES AND TRINITITE - These unique items are created by tremendous natural, and man-made releases of energy. FULGURITE is the name given to fused Silica, which has been fused by lightning striking the Earth and locally melting the sand or rock. The best known Fulgurites are found in Quartz sands where the Fulgurites take the form of tubes, sometimes exceeding a half-inch or more in diameter, as illustrated. TRINITITE - Early in the morning on July 16, 1945, the first atomic bomb explosion was detonated near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The tremendous heat from this first atomic explosion formed a crater 800 yards in diameter, glazed with a dull gray-green, glass-like substance where the sand had melted and solidified again. This glass-like material, unique to this one day and event in history, was named Trinitite.

BOXES, BOXES, BOXES ! ! ! We have what you need to store and display specimens of all kinds. Micromount boxes in 15 different colors, two-tone micromount boxes, paleomagnetic sampling cubes, two sizes of magnifier boxes, white cotton filled specimen and jewelry boxes, white folding boxes and gem display boxes are available. Also in stock are four sizes of plastic display bases, as well as various display stands. Check out the SPECIMEN BOXES page!

MINERAL AND GEMSTONE GIFTS, JEWELRY, LAPIDARY ARTS - Shop frequently in this section for an ever-changing selection of mineral and gemstone gifts including hand crafted gemstone carvings, as well as collectible display bowls fashioned of semi-precious gemstone materials. Unique estate and designer jewelry pieces are individually illustrated for your year-round, at-home shopping needs for special gifts for friends, family, and for you!

SUMMARY -- We are a service oriented business with your satisfaction in mind. Our inventory consists of over 100,000 mineral specimens including display quality, rare species for research and systematic collection, as well as a very wide variety of fluorescent minerals. Our meteorite/tektite inventory consists of over 3,000 specimens, in addition to numerous one of a kind specimens available from various private collections. We also stock a large variety of books, as well as specimen boxes, display stands, ultraviolet lamps....you name it, we've got it! Since we are a service oriented business, we care about your collection requirements. If we don't have what you need in stock, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to find exactly what you want in the size and quality you are looking for, at the most reasonable possible price! We ship anywhere - - worldwide!



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