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Mineralight and Blak-Ray Ultraviolet Lamps

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Ultra-Violet Lamps For Industrial, Mineral, Gem, and Lapidary Applications

Handheld & Portable Ultraviolet Lamps ..... AC (plug in) and Battery Powered Field Models & Wood's Lamps
Multi-Wavelength Lamps.....AC (plug in)
Display Ultraviolet Lamps .... High-Intensity Shortwave UV Lamps For Large Scale Displays.
UV Bench Lamps ..... For Industrial, Museum and Commercial Displays

he Blak-Ray B-100 Series.....  High Intensity Ultraviolet Inspection Lamps
Viewing Cabinets ..... Provide A Darkroom Environment For Viewing Minerals.
Protective Eyewear ..... Essential For Anyone Working With Shortwave Ultraviolet Sources

Ultra-Violet Lamps For Fraud Detection & Signature Verification

Fraud Detection for Retail Stores, Point of Sale, etc.
Additional Ultraviolet Equipment Applications ..... Laboratory, research, medical, electronics and more.
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B-100 Series Ultraviolet Lamps Catalog download


UVX Digital Radiometers
J-Series Analog UV Meters

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