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Below are listings of used books that we feel are of special interest. Titles include books covering special mineral and mining localities, gemology, geology, mineralogy, fluorescent minerals, micromounting, field collecting guides, etc.


THE TOURMALINE GROUP, By Richard V. Dietrich, 228 pages, 6 X 9" size, illustrated with 8 color plates, many line drawings, crystal drawings, tables, b & w photos, hard cover.  This very comprehensive, vividly illustrated book is dedicated specifically to examining the features and characteristics of the Tourmaline mineral group.  Many aspects of the Tourmaline group are covered, including physical properties, genesis, recovery methods, and uses.  Data is condensed from more than 2,000 publications.  “The Tourmaline Group” surveys such topics as:

* Symmetry and Morphological Crystallography – hemimorphism, crystal size, shape, and surface features.

* Physical Properties – density, hardness, elasticity, as well as magnetic, thermal, electrical and radioactive properties.

* Crystal Structure – space group, cell dimensions, structure, including many diagrams and tables.

* Color and Optical Properties – causes of colors, processes for the enhancement of colors, etc.

* Chemistry and Alteration – including the ideal formula for each of the Tourmaline group species, and much more.

* Synthesis – experiments indicating how Tourmaline may be produced by man.

Dr. Dietrich also traces the historical roots of Tourmaline – from a possible description in a historical record dated to ~ 315 B.C., through the use of Tourmaline by the Vikings as a “sunstone” navigation compass, to more recent applications in the manufacturing industry, as well as in scientific and industrial instruments, and in the decorative arts.  For readers interested in aesthetics, the author devotes a separate chapter to exploring Tourmaline’s use in jewelry, art, and as exhibition pieces.  Lists of worldwide occurrences, definitions of relevant nomenclature, and a bibliography of more than 1,000 references complete this very useful volume.  Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., NY, 1985.                                                          
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THE WORLD OF DIAMONDS – The Inside Story of the Miners, Cutters, Smugglers, Lovers, and Investors, by Timothy Green, 9 1/2 X 6 1/4, 300 pages, hard cover.  A double page size map is included, showing the main Diamond mining areas, cutting centers, and markets on a worldwide basis.  This book is the first inside story of the international Diamond business.  Timothy Green’s approach is very much as a journalist, not as a gemologist, as he traces the intricate network of this fraternity to discover who mines, who markets, who smuggles, and who buys Diamonds today.  The author traveled over 50,000 miles in researching this book, from London to Tokyo, from Kimberley, South Africa to Rio de Janeiro, from Antwerp to Tel Aviv and Bombay.  Chapters include the Diamond in history, mining in different countries from Australia to Zaire and everywhere in between (as illustrated on the map included in the book).  The author then gives an account of the sales procedures, including inside information on the marketplaces where Diamonds are sold.  The final chapter shares information on the buying of Diamonds.  The inside and outside of the book are in like new condition., with the dust jacket a little scuffed.  Published by William Morrow and Company, Inc., New York, 1981. 
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THE WORLD'S FINEST MINERALS AND CRYSTALS - By Dr. Peter Bancroft, 9 3/4 X 11 1/2, 176 pages, with 80 full page, full color plates, a large map showing important worldwide  mining locations, and a worldwide geographical directory of important mineral museum collections.  In The World's Finest Minerals and Crystals, Dr. Bancroft brought together a series of magnificent photographs of outstanding minerals nominated for acclaim by enthusiasts all over the world.  An international panel of judges participated in choosing the very finest examples for inclusion in this book.   In the text, the author explains how minerals are formed and where they are found, and how some of the world's finest collections were begun.  Modern methods of collecting and conservation are discussed.  The notes that accompany each plate describe the history and characteristics of the pictured specimen, tell where other fine examples may be seen, and describe the important locations around the world in which these minerals originate.  This volume was not intended to be merely a picture book or a scientific journal.  Rather, the continuous objective was to search out and photograph some of the best minerals in the world.  A number of the minerals shown are very rare; quite a few are illustrated here for the first time.  Since there is no known standard for measuring the quality of minerals, this volume serves as a benchmark in quality, in this area.  Condition: like new inside, very good outside with minimal shelf wear.  Dust jacket intact, also with minimal shelf wear.  Published by the Viking Press, NY, 1973. 
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ZEOLITES OF THE WORLD - By R. W. Tschernich, 576 pages, 10 1/4 X 7 1/4" size, cloth bound, illustrated with 300 black & white photos, crystal drawings, and sketches, with 50 color photographs, pictorial hard cover.  Written for the mineral collector, but of equal use to professionals, "Zeolites of the World" includes details on history, nomenclature, structure, physical and optical properties, morphology, chemical composition, identification, specimen cleaning techniques, and in-depth documentation covering information on every known locality for zeolite minerals, worldwide.  A comprehensive review of this book appears in the "Mineralogical Record" magazine, Sept-Oct 1992, P. 410.  This copy is in like new condition.   Published by Geoscience Press, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, 1992.

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