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If you require any of these mineral species for your collection or current research, you may use this list as an order form. Simply print out the list (Netscape users set right and left margins at 0"), check off the items of interest, and mail this list to us. Or... email your request to us. Please specify the size of specimens you would prefer to receive information on, and list any other information you feel would help us in making selections for you. A written quotation will be prepared for you including brief descriptions of the specimens available, with individual sizes and prices.

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ZALESIITE Zalesi u Javornika, Czech. Republic  T   
ZANAZZIITE - Lavra da Ilha Pegmatite, N.E. of Taquaral, Minas Gerais, Brazil  T             
ZAPATALITE La Fortuna Mine, Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico
ZAPATALITE N.W. of Cerro Morita, S.W. of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico  T   
ZARATITE - Lord Brassey Nickel Mine, Heazlewood, Tasmania, Australia                        
ZELLERITE Lucky Mc Mine, Fremont County, Wyoming T   
ZEMANNITE Moctezuma Mine, Moctezuma District, Sonora, Mexico   
ZEUNERITE - Copper Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada                              
ZEUNERITE Rivieral, Lodeve, Herault Dept., France   
ZEUNERITE - Weisser Hirsch Mine, Schneeberg, Saxony, Germany                                      
ZINCITE New Jersey Zinc Company Mine, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey   
ZINKENITE - "D" Vein, 220 Level, San Jose Mine, Dept. of Oruro, Bolivia   
ZINKENITE - 800' Level, Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey           
ZINKENITE - 900' Level, Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey           
ZINKENITE Itos Mine, Dept. Oruro, Bolivia   
ZINKENITE La Libertad Mine, Quiruvilca, near Trujillo, Libertad, Peru   
ZINKENITE Wolfsberg, Harz Mountains, Germany   
ZINNWALDITE Naegi District, Gifu-Ken, Honshu, Japan   
ZIPPEITE Apex Mine, Lander County, Nevada   
ZIPPEITE - Grants District, McKinley/Valencia County, New Mexico                            
ZIPPEITE - Happy Jack Mine, White Canyon District, San Juan County, Utah                    
ZIPPEITE Mi Vida Mine, Big Indian District, San Juan County, Utah   
ZIPPEITE Parco 23 Claim, Yellow Cat District, near Thompson, Grand County, Utah                                          
ZIPPEITE - Ujezd, near Kasejovice, Southwestern Bohemia, Czechoslovakia - See URANINITE   
ZIRCON Var. Cyrtolite - Little Patsy Pegmatite, South Platte District, Jefferson Co., Colorado   
ZIRCONOLITE (Polymignite) Staalaker, Tjolling, Norway   
ZIRKELITE - Palabora Open Pit, Phalaborwa, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa              
ZIRSILITE-(Ce) Dara-I-Pioz Valley, Garm Region, So. Tien-Shan Mountains, Tajikistan   
ZNUCALITE Pribram, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia   
ZOISITE Var. Chrome Zoisite Merkerstein, Tanzania   
ZOISITE Var. Thulite - Lac Remigney, Quebec, Canada                                         
ZOISITE Var. Thulite - Lom, Oppland, Norway                                             
ZORITE - Jubilee Pegmatite, Mt. Karnasurt, Lovozero Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia  T                            
ZUNYITE - Big Bertha Mine, Dome Rock Mountains, La Paz County, Arizona   
ZUNYITE - near Postmasburg, Griqualand West, Republic of South Africa                   
ZUSSMANITE - Longvale Quarry, near Laytonville, Mendocino County, California  T             
ZVYAGINTSEVITE Konder Massif, Ayano-Mayskiy Region, Krabarovsk Kray, Russia   
ZWIESELITE - Mangualde, Beira Alta Province, Portugal   
ZYKAITE - Jachymov, Northwest Bohemia, Czech. Republic   



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