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If you require any of these mineral species for your collection or current research, you may use this list as an order form. Simply print out the list (Netscape users set right and left margins at 0"), check off the items of interest, and mail this list to us. Or... email your request to us. Please specify the size of specimens you would prefer to receive information on, and list any other information you feel would help us in making selections for you. A written quotation will be prepared for you including brief descriptions of the specimens available, with individual sizes and prices.

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XANTHOCONITE – Imiter Mine, Jbel Sarhro, Anti-Atlas Mts., Morocco – See PROUSTITE   
XANTHOPHYLLITE – Crestmore Quarry, Riverside Co., California  - See CLINTONITE   
XANTHOPHYLLITE – Mt. Lake Mine, near Brighton, Utah – See CLINTONITE   
XANTHOXENITE – Bull Moose Mine, near Custer, Custer County, South Dakota 
XANTHOXENITE – Palermo Mine, North Groton, Grafton County, New Hampshire   
XENOTIME-(Y) – Clora May Mine, Trout Creek Pass, Chaffee County, Colorado 
XENOTIME-(Y) – Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil   
XONOTLITE – Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey   
XONOTLITE – N’Chwaning II Mine, Kalahari Mn Field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa 
XONOTLITE – Point Sal, near Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County, California   
XONOTLITE - Point Shivery, near Cox's Cove, Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, Canada   
XONOTLITE - Wessels Mine, Kalahari Manganese Field, Northern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa 



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