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If you require any of these mineral species for your collection or current research, you may use this list as an order form. Simply print out the list (Netscape users set right and left margins at 0"), check off the items of interest, and mail this list to us. Or... email your request to us. Please specify the size of specimens you would prefer to receive information on, and list any other information you feel would help us in making selections for you. A written quotation will be prepared for you including brief descriptions of the specimens available, with individual sizes and prices.

email.gif (3380 bytes)  email your request nowGADOLINITE – White Cloud Mine, Jefferson County, Colorado   

GADOLINITE-(Y) - Hidra (Hitterψ), Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder, Norway 
GADOLINITE-(Y) – Ytterby, Resaro, Sweden 
GADOLINITE-(Y) - Ytterby, Sweden   
GAGEITE - Pennsylvania Mine, Santa Clara County, California                                 
GAHNITE – Falun Mine, Falun, Dalarna, Sweden 
GAHNITE – near Stratford, Alleghany County, North Carolina   
GAHNITE – Trotter Mine, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey   
GAIDONNAYITE – DeMix Quarry, Mont St. Hilaire, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada 
GAIDONNAYITE - Mont St. Hilaire, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada   
GALENOBISMUTITE – Cariboo Gold Mine, Cariboo District, British Columbia, Canada   
GALKHAITE - 4850 Level, South Pit, Getchell Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada   
GALKHAITE - North Pit, Getchell Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada                                          
GANOMALITE - Crestmore Quarry, near Riverside, Riverside County, California   
GANOMALITE - Langban, Varmland, Sweden   
GARNIERITE - Mabilikne Hill, Pafuri, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa                    
GARNIERITE - Riddle, Douglas County, Oregon                                             
GASPEITE - Lemieux Township, Gaspe Nord County, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada  T   
GASPEITE - Widgie Mooltha, W.A., Australia                                                  
GAUDEFROYITE - N'Chwaning II Mine, No. Cape Province, Republic of South Africa              
GAUDEFROYITE - No. 2 Vein, Tachgagalt, Ouarzazate, Morocco   
GAUDEFROYITE – Wessels Mine, Kalahari Manganese Field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa 
GAYLUSSITE - Teels Marsh, Mineral County, Nevada   
GEARKSUTITE – Anaconda Moly Mine, San Antonio Mountains, Nye County, Nevada 
GEARKSUTITE – Vergenoeg, Settlers, South Africa   
GEDRITE – Bamle, Telemark, Norway  
GEDRITE – Bjordammen, near Kragero, Southern Norway   
GEDRITE – Bjordammen, near Kragero, Southern Norway   
GEHLENITE - Casa Collina Quarry, Pitigliano, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy   
GEHLENITE – Crestmore Quarry, near Riverside, Riverside County, California   
GEHLENITE – Crestmore Quarry, near Riverside, Riverside County, California   
GENTHELVITE – Mont St. Hilaire, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada   
GEOCRONITE – Manzano Mine, Tuscany (Toscana), Italy   
GEOCRONITE – Sala Mine, Vastmanland, Sweden   
GEOCRONITE Var. Kilbrickenite - Kilbricken Mine, County Clare, Southern Ireland   
GEORGEITE – Carr Boyd Nickel Mine, Carr Boyd Rocks, W.A., Australia   
GERMANITE - Tsumeb, Namibia                                                       
GERSDORFFITE - Kalkar Quarry, Santa Cruz County, California   
GERSDORFFITE – Tapacari, Dept. Oruro, Bolivia   
GERSTLEYITE - Baker Mine, Boron, Kern County, California   
GERSTLEYITE - Western Mine, Kramer Borate District, Kern County, California                 
GETCHELLITE - Getchell Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada  T                                     
GETCHELLITE - Khaidarkan (Hajdarkan), Kirgizstan (Kirgizia), Uzbekistan               
GIBBSITE - Hargreaves, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil   
GIBBSITE – Holbrook Extension, Lavender Pit, Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona   
GIBBSITE Var. Cuprogibbsite - Kamareza Mine, Laurium, Attica, Greece                                           
GILALITE - Christmas Mine, near Hayden, Gila County, Arizona  T                                          
GILLARDITE – 132 North Mine, Widgiemooltha, W.A., Australia 
GILLESPITE - Esquire No. 7 Claim, Big Creek, Fresno County, California                      
GILLESPITE - La Madrelena (Madrellana) Mine, Tres Pozos, Baja California, Mexico            
GILLESPITE - Trumbull Peak, near Incline, Mariposa County, California   
GILLULYITE - Lulu Cut, Level 6810, Barrick Gold Mine, Mercur Dist., Tooele Co., Utah  T     
GILSONITE (UINTAHITE) - Uinta Valley, near Ft. Duchesne, Utah                               
GINORITE - East Coleman Hills, Furnace Creek District, Death Valley N.M., Inyo County, California 
GISMONDINE - Arensberg, near Zilsdorf, Eifel, Germany   
GITTINSITE – Kipawa Complex, Villedieu Township, Quebec, Canada   
GLAUCOCERINITE - Hilarion Mine, Kamareza, Laurium, Attica, Greece                           
GLAUCONITE – 1/2 Mile So. of Sausalito, Marin County, California   
GLAUCONITE – Beers Mine, Monmouth County, New Jersey   
GLAUCOPHANE – Reed Station, Tiburon Peninsula, Marin County, California 
GLAUKOSPHAERITE - Carr Boyd Nickel Mine, Carr Boyd Rocks, W.A., Australia                   
GMELINITE - Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia                                               
GMELINITE - Flinders, Victoria, Australia                                               
GMELINITE - Island Magee, County Antrim, Northern Ireland   
GMELINITE - Poudrette Quarry, Mont St. Hilaire, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada   
GMELINITE  - Stony Creek, Grant County, Oregon   
GMELINITE-(Na) – Simmon’s Bay, Flinders, Victoria, Australia   
GOBBINSITE - Island Magee, County Antrim, Northern Ireland  T                               
GOLD – Worldwide localities – request our separate list 
GOLD (Electrum) – Double Decker Vein (No. 8 Vein), Engineer Mine, Tagish Lake, Atlin, British Columbia, Canada 
GOLD (native) – Bjorkdals Mine, Kagedalen, Skelleftea, Northern Sweden   
GOLD (native) – Bomlo, Haugesund Gangen, Hordaland, Western Norway   
GOLD (native) - E. Branch of the "Wild Ammonoosuc", near Bath, Grafton County, New Hampshire         
GOLD (native) – Hope's Nose, Torquay, Devon, England   
GOLD (native) – Laurieras, Haute Vienne, France   
GOLD (native) - Mt. Kare, near Porgera, Enga Province, Papua, New Guinea                             
GOLD (Pd-rich) – Hope's Nose, Torquay, Devon, England   
GOLDFIELDITE - Bambollita Mine, Moctezuma District, Sonora, Mexico                          
GOLDICHITE – Dexter No. 7 Mine, Calf Mesa, San Rafael Swell, Utah T   
GOLDMANITE - Sandy Mine, Laguna Uranium District, Valencia County, New Mexico               
GONNARDITE - Bundoora, Victoria, Australia                                                  
GONNARDITE - Hills Port, So. of Gobbins Cliff, Island of Magee, County Antrim, Northern Ireland    
GONNARDITE - Magnet Cove, Hot Spring County, Arkansas                                       
GONNARDITE - Schellkopf, Brenk, Eifel, Germany   
GONNARDITE Var. Ranite - Barkevik, Langesundsfjord, Norway   
GOOSECREEKITE – Pandulena Quarry, Nasik, Maharashtra State, India   
GORCEIXITE – Beauvoir Quarry, Eschassieres, Allier, Auvergne, France 
GORCEIXITE – Ehrenfriedersdorf, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany   
GORCEIXITE – Magnet Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia   
GORDAITE – Hilarion Mine, Kamareza Mines, Laurion District, Attica Prefecture, Greece   
GORMANITE – Rapid Creek Area, Yukon Territory, Canada   
GORMANITE / SOUZALITE – Big Fish / Blow River Area, Yukon Territory, Canada  TL   
GOSLARITE – Rammelsberg Mine, Goslar, Harz Mountains, Germany  T   
GOUDEYITE - Copper Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada  T                           
GOWERITE – Corkscrew Mine, Corkscrew Canyon, Furnace Creek District, DVNM, Inyo Co., California   
GOWERITE – Furnace Creek District, Death Valley National Monument, Inyo County, California   
GOWERITE – Hard Scramble Claim, Ryan, Death Valley National Monument, Inyo County, California 
GOYAZITE (BARIAN GOYAZITE) - Alto Bernardino, Picui, Paraiba, Brazil                        
GRANDIDIERITE - Mobetsu, Malagasy Republic   
GRAPHITE – Fowler Quarry, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey   
GRAPHITE – Kipawa Complex, Villedieu Township, Quebec, Canada   
GRAPHITE (native C) – Andarabato, Madagascar   
GRAPHITE (native C) – Dillon, Beaverhead County, Montana 
GRAPHITE (native C) – Fowler Quarry, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey 
GRAPHITE (native C) – Kalkar Quarry, Santa Cruz County, California   
GRAPHITE (native C) - Lead Hill Mine, near Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York (xls.)                  
GRAPHITE (native C) – Gjerstad - Tvedestrand area, Tvedestrand, Aust-Agder, Norway   
GRAPHITE (native C) - Plumbago Mine, Seathwaite, near Lomever, Cumbria, England                    
GRAPHITE (native C) - Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)                                           
GRAPHITE (native C) – Seathwaite Mine, Borrowdale, Cumbria, England   
GRAPHITE (native C) – Siberia, Russia 
GRAPHITE (native C) – Sims Quarry, Jurupa Mountains, Riverside County, California   
GRATONITE - Rio Tinto Mines, Huelva Province, Spain   
GREENOCKITE – Gold Quarry Mine, Maggie Creek District, Eureka County, Nevada   
GREENOCKITE – Llallagua, Potosi, Bolivia   
GREENOCKITE - New Glencrieff Mine, Wanlockhead, Scotland    
GREENOCKITE – Pribram, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic 
GREENOCKITE – Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, Jew Jersey   
GREENOCKITE – Ueberroth Mine, Friedensville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania 
GREENOCKITE - United Keno Hill Mine, May, Yukon Territory, Canada                           
GREENOCKITE (Zincian) - Barrick Side, Post Pit, Carlin Gold Mine, Eureka County, Nevada     
GREIGITE - Matra, Island of Corsica (Mediterranean Sea)   
GRIFFITHITE – See SAPONITE Var. Griffithite – Griffith Park, Los Angeles County, California T   
GRIPHITE – Sitting Bull Mine, near Keystone, Pennington County, South Dakota   
GROUTITE - Winterberg, Harz Mountains, Germany   
GRUNERITE – Chester, Windsor County, Vermont 
GRUNERITE Var. Amosite - Mount Bollatswhene, Lepele-Nkumpi Municipality, Capricorn Dist., Limpopo Prov., South Africa 
GRUNERITE Var. Amosite - Penge Mine, Sekhukhune District, Limpopo Province, South Africa 
GRUNERITE Var. Amosite – Penge Mine, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa 
GUDMUNDITE – Kolarsky Vrch, Pezinok, near Penek, South-West Slovakia, Slovak Republic  
GUDMUNDITE – Uranium Mine #19, Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Republic 
GUILLEMINITE - Musonoi Mine, Kolwezi, Shaba Province, Zaire  T                              
GUMMITE – Allen Mica Mine, Alstead, Cheshire County, New Hampshire   
GUMMITE - Ruggles Mine, Grafton Center, Grafton County, New Hampshire                                   
GUSTAVITE – Rorgulden Mine, Salzburg, Austria 


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