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If you require any of these mineral species for your collection or current research, you may use this list as an order form. Simply print out the list (Netscape users set right and left margins at 0"), check off the items of interest, and mail this list to us. Or... email your request to us. Please specify the size of specimens you would prefer to receive information on, and list any other information you feel would help us in making selections for you. A written quotation will be prepared for you including brief descriptions of the specimens available, with individual sizes and prices.

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ABERNATHYITE - Rivieral, Lodeve, Herault Dept., France                                        
ABHURITE - Wreck of SS Cheerful, 14 Miles NNW of St. Ives, Cornwall, England   
ACANTHITE – Alberoda, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany 
ACANTHITE – Brahmaputra Vein, Alberoda, Schlema-Hartenstein District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany   
ACANTHITE – Centennial Eureka Mine, Tintic District, Juab County, Utah 
ACANTHITE – Horn Silver Mine, near Frisco, Beaver County, Utah   
ACANTHITE – Ingleterra Mine, Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico 
ACANTHITE – Pribram-Trebsco, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic 
ACANTHITE – Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona   
ACHTARAGDITE - Achtaragda River/Wilui River District, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Fed.   
ADAMITE Var. Cuproadamite – Kintore Opencut, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia   
ADAMITE Var. Cuproadamite - Mine de Cap-Garonne, near Hyers, Dept. Var, France                      
ADAMITE Var. Cuproadamite - Tsumcorp Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia                      
ADAMITE Var. Cuproadamite – Zinc Hill, Darwin, Inyo County, California   
ADAMITE Var. Manganoan Adamite – El Potosi Mine, Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico   
ADREALITE – Moorba Cave, Jurien Bay, W.A., Australia   
AEGIRINE Var. Blanfordite - Tirodi Mines, Madhya Pradesh, Central Provinces, India T   
AENIGMATITE – Chibiny (Khibina) Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia   
AERINITE - Estopinan, Pyrenees Mountains, Huesca Province, Spain                        
AESCHYNITE-(Y)  (Priorite) – Arendal, Aust-Adger, Norway   
AFGHANITE – Casa Collina, Pitigliano, Grosseto, Tuscany (Toscana), Italy   
AFGHANITE - Laacher See Region, Ettringen, Bellerberg, Eifel District, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany   
AFGHANITE – Sar-e-Sang, Bedakhshan Province, Afghanistan   
AFWILLITE - Crestmore Quarry, near Riverside, Riverside County, California 
AGARDITE-(Ce) - Tin Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada                             
AGARDITE-(La) - Hilarion Mine, near Kamareza, Laurium, Attica Peninsula, Greece             
AGARDITE-(La) - Red Cloud Copper Mine, Gallinas Mountains, Lincoln County, New Mexico   
AGARDITE-(Y) - Bou-Skour Mine, Jebel Sarhro, Ouarzazate, Southern Morocco T                                                
AGARDITE-(Y) - Clara Mine, Black Forest (Schwarzwald), Baden, Germany                       
AGARDITE-(Y) - Copper Stope, Majuba Hill Mine, Pershing County, Nevada                      
AGRELLITE - Kipawa Complex, Villedieu Township, Temiscaming County, Quebec, Canada T                           
AHLFELDITE – El Dragon Mine, Potosi, Bolivia 
AIKINITE – Amax Mine, Kitsault, near Alice Arm, B.C., Canada   
AIKINITE - Beresovsk District, near Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Ural Mountains, Russia T               
AIKINITE - Magruder Mountains, Esmeralda County, Nevada                                     
AJOITE – New Cornelia Mine, Ajo, Pima County, Arizona T   
AKATOREITE - near the mouth of Akatore Creek, Taieri, Eastern Otago Prov., New Zealand T   
AKTASHITE - Bambollita Mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico                                      
ALABANDITE - near the mouth of Akatore Creek, Taieri, Eastern Otago Province, New Zealand   
ALABANDITE - Preciosa Sangue de Cristo Mine, near Tlalchichuca, State of Puebla, Mexico   
ALABANDITE – Uchucchacua Mine, Oyon Province, Lima Department, Peru 
ALAMOSITE – Artillery Peak, Mohave County, Arizona   
ALBERTITE - Frederick Brook, 6.4 Km SW of Hillsborough, Albert County, N.B., Canada T   
ALBITE Var. Andesine – Portland Harbour Trust Quarry, Cape Sir William Grant, Portland, Victoria, Australia 
ALDERMANITE - "Klemm's" Moculta Phosphate Quarry, near Angaston, S.A., Australia T         
ALGODONITE - Mohawk #2 Mine, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan                               
ALGODONITE - Sheldon-Columbia Mine, Portage Lake, Houghton County, Michigan              
ALLANITE - Ashe County, North Carolina                                                      
ALLANITE-(Ce) - 20 Miles No. of Reno, Washoe County, Nevada                                 
ALLANITE-(Ce) - Bastnaes Mine, Riddarhyttan, Vastmanland, Sweden                            
ALLANITE-(Ce) - Bucky Mine, Ohio City, Gunnison County, Colorado                            
ALLANITE-(Ce) – Burroughs Pegmatite, Jefferson County, Colorado 
ALLANITE-(Ce) - Cuzzago, Ossola Valley, Italy                                               
ALLANITE-(Ce) – Gloserheia, Froland, near Arendal, Aust-Adger, Norway   
ALLANITE-(Ce) - McAlmond Creek, Potrero, San Diego County, California                       
ALLANITE-(Ce) - Mina Tiro Estrella, El Capitan Mountains, Lincoln County, New Mexico        
ALLANITE-(Ce) – Sawatch Mountains, near Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado   
ALLANITE-(Y) – Sawatch Mountains, near Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado   
ALLEGHANYITE – Trotter Dump, Franklin Mine, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey 
ALLEMONTITE - Rio Moctezuma, Municipio de Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico - See STIBARSEN                            
ALLEMONTITE - Trebsco, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia - See STIBARSEN                              
ALLOPHANE – Apex Mine, Washington County, Utah 
ALLOPHANE - El Dragon Mine, Potosi, Bolivia   
ALLOPHANE - Inspiration Mine, Globe-Miami District, Gila County, Arizona   
ALLOPHANE – Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Pinal County, Arizona   
ALLOPHANE - Tynagh Mine, near Maam, County Galway, Southern Ireland   
ALSTONITE – Bromley Hills Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria, England   
ALSTONITE – Brownley Hill Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria, England   
ALSTONITE – Fallowfield Mine, Northumberland, England   
ALTAITE - Hilltop Mine, Organ Mountains, Dona Ana County, New Mexico      
ALTAITE - Koch-Bulak Gold Deposit, near Angren, Eastern Uzbekistan   
ALTHAUSITE - Overntjern, Modum, Buskerud, Norway                                         
ALTHAUSITE - Skutterud, Modum, Norway                                                       
ALTHAUSITE - Tingelstadtjern, Modum, Norway T                                              
ALUMOHYDROCALCITE - Mt. Hamilton, Santa Clara County, California                        
ALUNITE – El Dragon Mine, Potosi, Bolivia   
ALUNITE – Marysvale, Piute County, Utah   
ALUNITE – Wendy Pit, El Indio Gold Mine, Tambo, Coquimbo District, Chile   
ALUNITE - Willow Springs, near Mojave, Kern County, California                              
ALURGITE - Praborna Mine, St. Marcel, Aosta, Italy - See MUSCOVITE Var. Alurgite            
AMBLYGONITE – Beecher Lode Claim, 4.9 Mi. SE of Custer, Custer Co., South Dakota   
AMEGHINITE – Tincalayu Borax Deposit, Salta, Argentina  T 
AMEGHINITE – Tincalayu Borax Deposit, Salta, Argentina T   
AMESITE (Chromian) – Sarany Chromite Deposit, Bisersk, Ural Mountains, Russia   
AMOSITE (variety of GRUNERITE) - Penge Mine, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa – See GRUNERITE   
AMPANGABEITE – Ampangabe, Madagascar  - See SAMARSKITE-(Y)   
ANANDITE - Esquire No. 7 Claim, Big Creek, Fresno County, California                     
ANAPAITE - Kerch Peninsula, Crimea Oblast, Ukraine                                     
ANCYLITE-(Ce) – DeMix Quarry, Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada   
ANDERSONITE – Atomic King #2 Mine, Cane Wash, San Juan County, Utah   
ANDERSONITE – D-Day No. 2 Mine, Yellow Cat District, Grand County, Utah 
ANDERSONITE - Monte Cristo Mine, Cane Springs Canyon, near Moab, San Juan County, Utah  
ANDORITE – San Jose Mine, Dept. Oruro, Bolivia   
ANDRADITE Var. Polyadelphite (Manganiferous) – Sterling Mine, Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey 
ANHYDRITE – Campiano Mine, Boccheggiano, near Grosseto, Tuscany, Central Italy   
ANHYDRITE – Naica, Municipio de Saucillo, Chihuahua, Mexico   
ANNABERGITE - Candelaria Mine, Mineral County, Nevada   
ANNABERGITE - Kalkar Quarry, Santa Cruz County, California   
ANNABERGITE – Kamareza Mine, Laurium, Attica, Greece  
ANNABERGITE – Ramsbeck Mine, Dornberg, Sauerland, Germany   
ANNITE – Katugin River, Siberia, Russia 
ANNITE – Saga Quarry, Tvedalen, Norway   
ANNITE – Suishoyama Pegmatite, Fukushima Prefecture, Tohoku Region, Honshu Island, Japan 
ANORTHITE – Miyake Island, Tokyo Bay, Honshu, Japan   
ANORTHITE – Yoichi City, Yoichi-Gun, Hokkaido Pref., Japan   
ANTHOPHYLLITE - Carleton Talc Mine, near Chester, Windsor County, Vermont 
ANTHOPHYLLITE – Kopperberg, Sweden   
ANTHOPHYLLITE – Kragero, near Risor, Vestfold, Southern Norway   
ANTIMONPEARCEITE – Clara Mine, Oberwolfach, Baden, Germany   
ANTIMONY (native) - Alpha Shaft, Murchison Mine, Gravelotte, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa     
ANTIMONY (native) - Consolidated Durham Mines, Lake County, New Brunswick, Canada   
ANTIMONY (native) – Huasco, Atacama, Chile 
ANTIMONY (native) – Kalliolampi (Kalliosalo), Nurmo, Finland   
ANTIMONY (native) - Lac Nicolet Antimony Mine, Ham Sud Township, Quebec, Canada   
ANTIMONY (native) - near Kernville, Kern County, California   
ANTIMONY (native) - Seinajoki, Vassa, Central Finland 
ANTIMONY (native) - Tom Moore Mine, Erskine Creek Mining District, Kern County, California 
ANTLERITE – Chuquicamata, Antofagasta Province, Chile 
APACHITE - Christmas Mine, near Hayden, Gila County, Arizona T                                          
APATITE-(CaOH)  - Oksoyekollen, Snarum, Modum, Buskerud, Norway   
APATITE-(CaOH) - David Mosiah Claim, Cerro Huanaquino, Potosi Department, Bolivia   
APATITE-(CaOH) – Mo-i-Rana, Rana, Nordland, Norway 
APHTHITALITE - Searles Lake, San Bernardino County, California 
APUANITE - Buca della Vena Mine, Apuan Alps, Lucca Province, Tuscany, Italy T              
a-QUARTZ psu. b-QUARTZ – Luzon Island, Philippines   
ARAGONITE Var. Tarnowitzite - Tsumeb, Namibia T                                   
ARDENNITE - Salm-Chateau, Ardennes, Belgium T                                           
ARGENTOJAROSITE – Santa Ana, State of Sonora, Mexico   
ARMENITE - 10 Miles N.E. of North Bend, King County, Washington                          
ARMENITE - Simplon Pass, Wasenalp, Valais, Switzerland 
ARMSTRONGITE - Khan-Bogdinskii Massif, Central Gobi Desert, Mongolia  T                                         
ARROJADITE – Nancy No. 2 Mine, Groton Area, New Hampshire 
ARROJADITE – Rapid Creek/Big Fish River Area, Yukon Territory, Canada   
ARSENIC (native) – Jachymov (Joachimstahl), Bohemia, Czech Republic   
ARSENIC (native) - Niederschlema, Saxony, Germany - See CHLOANTHITE   
ARSENIC (native) - Pφhla-Tellerhδuser Mine, Pφhla, Schwarzenberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany 
ARSENIC (native) – Svornost Mine, Jachymov (Joachimstahl), Bohemia, Czech Republic 
ARSENIC (native) - Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada   
ARSENIOSIDERITE – Gold Hill, Tooele County, Utah   
ARSENIOSIDERITE – Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico   
ARSENIOSIDERITE – Prospect W. of Rhyolite Pass, N. of Luning, Mineral County, Nevada   
ARSENOCRANDALLITE - Dolores Mine, Pastrana, Murcia, Spain – See BARAHONAITE-(Fe) 
ARSENOLITE – Chichibu Mining District, Saitama Prefecture, Honshu Island, Japan 
ARSENOLITE - Sauberg Mine, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany 
ARSENOLITE – White Caps Mine, Nye County, Nevada 
ARSENTSUMEBITE - Tsumeb, Namibia T                                               
ARTHURITE - Copper Stope, Majuba Hill Mine, Pershing County, Nevada                      
ARTHURITE - Hingston Down Consols Mine, Calstock, Cornwall, England T                      
ARTHURITE – Mine de Cap-Garonne, Dept. Var, France 
ASTROPHYLLITE – Aris Mine, approx. 20 Miles So. of Windhoek, Namibia   
ASTROPHYLLITE – Mt. Eveslogchorr, Khibina Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia 
ASTROPHYLLITE – Rosa No. 1 Trench, Mount Rosa, El Paso County, Colorado 
ATACAMITE – Chuquicamata, Antofagasta Province, Chile   
ATELESTITE – Schmiedestollen, near Wittichen, Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Baden, Germany   
AUGELITE – Mt. Kourou Diakouma, Faleme River Basin, East Senegal 
AURORITE - Aurora Mine, Treasure Hill, Hamilton, White Pine County, Nevada T               
AUSTINITE - Gold Hill, Tooele County, Utah T   
AWARUITE (JOSEPHINITE) – Josephine Creek, Josephine County, Oregon    
AXINITE-(Mn) – Parker Shaft, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey 


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