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BACKGROUND INFORMATION - What is the Mineralogical Record?

The Mineralogical Record magazine is a bimonthly publication, written by and for mineral enthusiasts, worldwide. Its first issue was published in early 1970. The original goals professed in the first issue were to serve the needs of mineral collectors by supplying timely, pertinent information about minerals, mineral localities, and all related topics including new mineral data, book reviews, show news, reports on well known mineral localities on a worldwide basis, data on newly discovered as well as old, well known localities, biographical sketches of personalities within the science and hobby, and so forth. Each year the Mineralogical Record magazine has increased its size and has become known, worldwide, as one of the top specialty magazines in its field (this is actually a modest statement -- we believe it is #1 in popularity, worldwide!). Through the years, the magazine’s staff has persevered in their original goals, always providing a bigger and better magazine, always striving for higher quality articles. A phenomenal increase has been seen, in the past 25 years, in the number of special issues devoted to important mineral localities or other important, related topics (one issue is dedicated to the history of mineral collecting, another covers historical mineral books, and several issues are devoted to the presentation of color photographs of major mineral specimens on exhibit in famous mineral museums). Indeed, the Mineralogical Record magazine has become a legend in its own time, and the back issues are in high demand as sources of information on important mineral finds, localities, etc. We offer our buy and sell prices for back issues below. Pricing is dependent upon rarity -- all issues are in good, to excellent condition.


1. All items are subject to availability. We may not have all issues in stock at any given time. Upon receiving your want list, we will forward a written quotation covering the available issues. Back issues not currently in stock are automatically entered into our search listings. We will keep your request on file and notify you of the availability and price, as soon as we have located the issues you need to complete your collection.

2. Complete year sets are priced slightly higher than individual issues, when available, since complete year sets are more difficult to obtain.

3. If you have a spare issue, or issues available for sale, we would appreciate hearing from you. Your spare copy may be the one which could complete a fellow collector’s set!

4. Prices listed on the following pages do not include shipping. Shipping is FOB San Jose, CA.

For descriptions and color photos of selected special issues, visit our MINERAL BOOKS page.

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