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, by Bruce Cairncross. The book is well illustrated with more than 500 color photographs of  mineral specimens, cut gems, rock types, and localities as well as a number of general occurrence maps. Almost all of the photographs were taken by Cairncross. Softbound, 292 pages. Southern Africa boasts many spectacular examples of rocks and minerals; volcanic lavas make up the dramatic Drakensberg mountain range, granite mountains form stunning scenery in Namibia and Zimbabwe, and some of the most ancient rocks on Earth – over 3 000 million years old – are to be found on the subcontinent. The region is home to many important and interesting minerals, as well as a wide array of beautiful gemstones.  This surprisingly comprehensive book is the first definitive field guide to document the common, rare, and unusual minerals and rocks of southern Africa, represented by the countries of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, and the southern part of Mozambique. The book is arranged in a logical format, beginning with introductory material that discusses exactly what minerals, lapidary materials, and rocks are and concludes with a summary of the many aspects of collecting.  The next 200 pages are devoted to an alphabetical treatment of those mineral species for which southern Africa is well known, either from the economic resource, scientific, or mineral-collector standpoint, with an understandable emphasis on collector minerals.  The next major section, entitled "Rocks," gives a brief summary of the geology of southern Africa and then discusses the three rock groups individually, giving examples of rocks characteristic of the area.  This is followed by a glossary, a detailed bibliography, and a very comprehensive index.  The book is highlighted by short sidebar boxes and panels that present interesting facts about certain minerals or rocks.  Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Southern Africa will appeal to mineral collectors, geologists, gemologists, students, and anyone with an interest in the natural environment.  Published by Struik Publishers, Cape Town, South Africa, 2004.
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“FINE MINERALS OF CHINA – A Guide to Mineral Localities”
, By Guanghua Li, 12” X 8 1/2”, including 55 maps and 617 color photographs of Chinese minerals, pictorial hard cover, 366 pages. Fine Minerals of China is a hefty and spectacularly beautiful photo album of China’s mineral riches.  The author, Guanghua Liu, is well known in the mineral world as the proprietor of AAA Minerals International, and has a Ph.D. in Geology.  The photo quality and reproduction quality are consistently high.  Photos are by Jeff Scovil, the author, and two other very qualified mineral photographers.  The paper is glossy and thick.  The hardcover binding is also glossy, with mineral photos on the front and back.
The book is arranged in three parts.  Part one gives an introduction and brief reviews of the geology, mineral deposits, mining history and mineral dealing scene in China.  Part two is the core of the book; nearly 120 fine collectible minerals from 60 mineral localities are included, and most of them are illustrated with photos.  Forty five mineral localities, within 13 provinces, are described in detail with the following data included: the geographical location, items of general interest about the mining district, mining history, accessibility, and a list of the major minerals found.  The maps show the locations of the various mines and occurrences.   The text and the maps provide invaluable data on how to spell the names of the various Chinese mineral localities, for specimen labels.  Part three contains useful reference information: an eight-page list of locality names, with latitudes, longitudes and minerals found; a list of 100 mineral species first found in China; an 11-page list of meteorites found in China; a species index, a locality index, and a list of 49 selected references (some in Chinese and some from the Western literature).  Fine Minerals of China is an impressive work that documents the almost unbelievable outpouring of fine mineral specimens from China in recent years.  All mineral collectors will enjoy this book, and the production quality amply justifies the price.  Printed in China, 2006.
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"FLUORESCENCE AND LUMINESCENCE IN MINERALS" - Edited by Wendell Wilson, 80 pages, 8 1/2 X 11" size, soft cover, illustrated with several color photographs of fluorescent minerals under both shortwave and longwave ultraviolet, plus many line drawings. This issue of the "Mineralogical Record" magazine features a 15 page article covering luminescence in minerals. The authors describe luminescence in general as the non-thermal emission of visible light by a substance. The focus of the article, as luminescence pertains to mineralogy, is the phenomenon known as photoluminescence, or fluorescence, demonstrated by various minerals when exposed to different wavelengths in the ultraviolet spectrum. This excellent article explains everything in terms which will enable the beginner to understand why minerals fluoresce. Those who have a solid scientific background in the study of luminescence in minerals will, no doubt, also be enlightened by the authors' in-depth presentation of their research into this phenomenon. Several classic worldwide localities for fluorescent minerals are also described. The second feature in this magazine is a 10 page summary of the combined FM-MSA-TGMS-FMS Symposium covering fluorescence and luminescence in minerals, held at the February 1996 Tucson show. Fourteen abstracts covering a wide range of special topics dealing with the fluorescence and luminescence of minerals are outlined for the reader, and additional color photos of fluorescent mineral specimens are featured. Two articles covering non-fluorescent mineral subjects are included: "The Billie Mine in Death Valley, California", and "The Minerals of the Seravessa Marble, Tuscany, Italy". This magazine was published by the "Mineralogical Record, Inc., Tucson, AZ, as Volume 27, No. 1.
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t_gemlapmat.jpg (12580 bytes) "GEM AND LAPIDARY MATERIALS FOR CUTTERS, COLLECTORS, AND JEWELERS" – By June Culp Zeitner, 347 pages, 10 ¼" X 7 ¼" size, illustrated, pictorial soft cover. Rocks, minerals, and gems are the foundation of an important field of science, but they are something else, too – they are the materials of timeless art. This is a complete handbook of gem and lapidary materials used in the lapidary arts throughout history, and up to the present, with several hundred examples listed and described. Illustrated with 64 color, and 150 black & white photographs, the book provides a useful reference, and also an engaging history of the lapidary arts. The wealth of information condensed herein will be of special interest to those with lapidary, gem collecting, rockhounding, as well as mineral collecting backgrounds. Topics covered include the following – the gems of history, transparent faceting materials, cabochon and carving materials, ornamental and decorative gem materials, metallic and organic gem materials, rare and unusual gem materials, as well as gems from the laboratory. Appendices include: tables of refractive index and dispersion of gemstones, educational associations, and publications carrying information pertinent to the subjects covered in the book. An extensive 8 page bibliography is followed by a 9 page, very comprehensive index of all subjects covered in the text. Published by Geoscience Press, Tucson, AZ, 1996. 
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