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by M. & K. Killgore – 7 1/4" X 10" size, 200 pages, with nearly 500 full color photographs, pictorial hard cover. First class presentation! This new book is a comprehensive guide to the meteorite and tektite collection of Marvin and Kitty Killgore of the Southwest Meteorite Laboratory in Arizona. It is intended to be used for reference, and as a pictorial comparison. A brief synopsis on each specimen in the collection is given – name of the find / fall, location, date found, total known weight, classification, description, history, and data on specimens present in the collection. The authors share historical personal knowledge of events, explore significant features of collection pieces, and highlight the research value of certain meteorites. The Killgores have traveled to over 40 countries, and logged more than one million miles in their quest for meteorites. They have kept the best of the best from their acquisitions of meteorites over the years, and slowly built an absolutely outstanding collection. Over the years, focus has been on acquiring complete meteorite specimens with significant sizes, shapes, and features such as fusion crust, flight markings, etc., or slices and end pieces which allow a view into the interior structure and composition of the specimens. Their emphasis on very fine quality, visually attractive iron meteorites, including silicated irons and mesosiderites, is obvious when scanning through the numerous color photographs in the book. The Killgores also have a significant reference collection of thin sections of meteorites, and many of these are pictured in the book in full color. Approximately 200 specimens of tektites, including some absolutely outstanding examples of Australites and Moldavites, plus several examples of impact glass, are also catalogued. Many of these are accompanied by exceptional color photographs. The Southwest Meteorite Collection has become the largest privately owned collection of meteorites on earth. It weighs close to 4 tons in total, and represents more than 333 meteorite locations. Many specimens are the largest and finest found in any collection, worldwide. The collection houses many main masses, and significant amounts of the rarest meteorites on earth. This limited edition publication is surely destined to be on the list of rare meteorite books, in the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to add one of these to your reference library, and to take a visual tour of this world class collection. Published by Southwest Meteorite Press, 2002.
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by Hal Povenmire, edited by John A. O’Keefe, 
9" X 6" size, 209 pages, with numerous B & W illustrations, photographs and maps, soft cover. This comprehensive book, published in 2003, covers all of the major knowledge to date on these strange glass meteorites. "Tektites, and their origin, have become one of the greatest scientific riddles of all time, yet books on Tektites are practically nonexistent. Here is an up to date, simply written book that includes interviews with the leading Tektite authorities. This book is made more fascinating by the fact that we now know that Tektites were deeply involved with the extinction of the dinosaurs." Two world experts, Bill Glass and John O’Keefe, discuss theories of Tektite origins. This well illustrated book, clearly written for easy reading, gives an exciting insight for both student and professional. The Table of Contents includes so many interesting categories, that only a few are listed here;
  • Definition of a Tektite 
  • Tektites Compared with Terrestrial Rocks
  • Tektite Forms, Shapes, and Surface Features 
  • Tektite Groups (localities / types) Defined
  • Chicxulub, Mexico Crater / The Extinction of the Dinosaurs
  • Lunar Meteorites, SNC’s, Martian Meteorites
  • The Case for Lunar / Terrestrial Impact Origin for Tektites
  • Impact Glasses and Impact Craters

Published by the Florida Fireball Network, 2003.
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By Hal Povenmire, edited by Dr. John A. O'Keefe, 8 3/4 X 6 1/2", 112 pages, illustrated, soft cover. This comprehensive book covers all of the up to date facts about the strange glass meteorites known as tektites. Two world experts, Bill Glass and Dr. John A. O'Keefe, discuss theories of tektite origins. This well illustrated book, clearly written for easy reading, gives an exciting insight into the current facts known about tektites, and will provide new knowledge for students, collectors, and professionals alike. The book features large print, and includes five black and white pictures and one map. Published in 1997. 

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“TEKTITES: WITNESSES OF COSMIC CATASTROPHES”, by Guy Heinen, 222 pages, 9.5” X 6.5”, soft cover, illustrated with 38 color photos, more than 50 black & white photos, line drawings, maps, and tables, pictorial soft cover.  This exciting and very authoritative book is divided into 36 chapters or sections.  It is well referenced and up to date.  Chapters cover all types of tektites or natural glasses, i.e., Australites, Moldavites, Ivory Coast tektites, North American tektites, the Australasian strewnfield, Asian tektites, Australites, Colombianites, Urengoites, Libyan Desert Glass, Zhamanshinites, Aouelloul Glass, Darwin Glass, fossil tektites, and others.  Theories of tektite formation, shapes, physical properties, sculpture, age, water content, and other topics are discussed in detail.  Color photos include collecting sites, photos of tektites and Libyan Desert Glass “in situ”, Earth and Lunar craters, geologic strata of collecting sites, as well as some astonishing color photos of various types of transparent / translucent tektites in incident and transmitted light.  The photos of inclusions (flow lines and gas pockets) within Moldavites are outstanding! The author includes a very helpful glossary, along with notes on some of the famous researchers in the field.  Published by the author, 1998.
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“The Encyclopedia of Cosmic Close Encounters",
By Hal Povenmire,  9" X 6", 165 pages,  several b & w photos, soft cover.  This is the author's third book covering meteorites / tektites, and related subjects.  In this publication, the author covers meteors, the appearance of a meteorite fall,  meteorite producing fireball events, and near misses with large meteorites around the world. The chapter on hits and injuries by meteorites covers several very large events.  He then discusses earth skimming meteoroids, unlikely and uproven events, as well as close encounters with asteroids and comets.  Space debris, flying saucers, and potpourri are discussed briefly.  This new book was published in 2003.
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