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"METEOR CRATER" - Third Edition, by James P. Tobin, 194 Pages, 9 1/4” X 7 1/4”, with more than 50 black & white photos and several data tables, pictorial soft cover.  This is the third and much expanded edition of James Tobin's history of the first hundred years of investigations at Meteor Crater.  Meteor Crater remains today the best preserved crater on Earth.  It is still the wonderful natural laboratory for research that it was more than 100 years ago when researchers first acknowledged that it was an impact crater, caused by the impact of a very large meteorite.  The dramatic story of Meteor Crater’s history is told in detail, and shown vividly in pictures.  In addition to the historical material, the author takes the reader on guided tours of the rim and the floor of the crater.  Every location of interest is visited, even those no longer accessible to the public.  The author’s descriptions are accompanied with contemporary photos.  The second half of the book is devoted to historical papers written by several of the earliest investigators. These papers are presented close to their original form, with all of the original historical photographs included.  Commentary by the author is limited to before and after these early works, so as not to alter their form.  Reading this work is as close to visiting the crater, as can be done with a book!  Published in the USA, 2008.

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"METEOR CRATER - THE FIRST 100 YEARS OF EXPLORATIONS" - 2nd Edition - By James P. Tobin, 43 pages, 8 1/4 X 5 3/8" size, illustrated, pictorial soft cover. This completely revised, updated, and enlarged 2nd Edition contains a wealth of information on Meteor Crater, Arizona. In addition to information provided through the author’s considerable private research, he has included a wealth of information taken from older research papers and reports on the subject. The following categories are covered:
    • Introduction
    • The History of Explorations
    • Canyon Diablo "Irons"
    • The Moment of Impact
    • Conclusions
    • A Walking Tour of Meteor Crater
    • Other Craters
    • Meteor Crater Exploration Timeline
    • References

Included are numerous black and white photographs covering scenes around the crater and crater floor, as well as photographs of iron meteorites from Meteor Crater (Canyon Diablo), Odessa, TX, Gibeon, Namibia, and Sikhote-Alin, Russia. Published by J. B. Tobin, 1998.
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By: Jim Tobin - Mr. Tobin, the author of the book by the same name, has now made his extensive studies of Meteor Crater available in CD-ROM format.  The following information is condensed from a book review written by Martin Horejsi, which appeared in "Meteorite!" magazine, May 1999, P. 41-42.  The CD is laid out in six sections. Navigation is easy, using obvious buttons and colored frames around graphics to indicate active links. The material on the CD is coded so it can be read using any html viewing program. 

The first section begins with an introduction to the Solar System and the small bodies that cause impacts on Earth. The importance of this section is to provide background information, in which to place the resulting impact site here on Earth. The second section, entitled History of Explorations, provides an excellent, in-depth story full of pictures beginning in 1891. The early mining operations at Meteor Crater are a main focus, but this section also chronicles the interesting journey of scientific thought as it evolved through time.....it is hard to believe both how little, and how much, scientists knew about meteorites at the turn of the century compared to our current knowledge. The third section, Canyon Diablo Irons, describes the actual meteorite material found at the crater site. Explanations for impact material are provided, along with several pictures. Part four, Moment of Impact, contains more meteorite images as well as text explaining the scientific information gleaned from the artifacts remaining after the impact. The Conclusion contains a wrap-up of the crater’s history, along with its place in the surrounding geology. The section entitled Other Craters offers a glimpse into eight other cratering events. The final section covering Meteor Crater’s history is the Timeline. From 1886 to 1975, all major events at the crater are listed in chronological order. The user is then treated to a Walking Tour of the crater, featuring information about specific locations around the rim, as well as down to the crater floor. Meteor Crater is closed to public exploration, making this CD the only way most of us will ever explore the crater. Tobin has also included a reprint of Barringer’s 1909 paper about Meteor Crater, as well as some additional information about other craters and impact structures. In addition to all of the above, there is a very informative section covering tektites. In summary, this CD-ROM is a wealth of information for anyone interested in meteorites and craters accompanied by nice, easy to listen to electronic music.
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By Kathleen Mark, 288 pages, 9 X 6", illustrated, hard and soft cover editions available. The idea that stones can fall from the sky was, until recently, regarded by scientists as absurd. Today more than 100 meteorite craters are known, suggesting that the Earth underwent intense meteoritic bombardment early in its existence. This book reveals the slow process by which the scientific com munity came to recognize meteorite craters, and to comprehend their significance. Astronomy maga zine commented, in their review: "For an accurate, well-researched introductory overview of the field, you could not find a better book." "Meteorite Craters" was first published by the University of Arizona Press in 1987, with the first paperback printing in 1995.

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Edited by: B. Zanda and Monica Rotaru
Written by a team of experts, "Meteorites – Their Impact on Science and History" is a very comprehensive guide that features over 200 full color photographs, diagrams, and graphs. Size of the book is 9" X 6 3/4", with 128 pages, pictorial soft cover. The book consists of a collection of 12 individual papers, written by internationally known meteoriticists. Within the book, the authors have covered an amazing diversity of topics including the following:
  • Meteorites and objects commonly mistaken for meteorites.
  • Classification of meteorites and their composition, chondrules, and the metamorphosis of meteorites.
  • The principal methods of studying meteorites.
  • Impact craters and terrestrial rocks.
  • The origin of life on Earth.
  • The 65.0 million year old ChicxulubCrater in Yucatan and data on the mass extinction of the dinosaurs and other species.
  • Tektites.
  • The nature and composition of asteroids.
  • The conditions during the formation of the Solar System.
  • Astronomical observations and the study of extraterrestrial material.
  • Comets and molecular clouds as a source of certain organic material.
  • Radioactive dating methods applied to the Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe, and much more!

The book is literally filled with beautiful photographs illustrating all of the topics covered. An interesting feature is an indexed glossary, where the reader can look up a word and its definition, then refer to the pages in the book where each topic is discussed. Published by Cambridge University Press, 2001.
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