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Mineral Lists -- Specialty collection lists covering attractive minerals from worldwide localities, rare species, locality collections.   Please furnish us with your up to date want list, and let us know the size of specimens you prefer for your collection. 

Fluorescent Minerals -- Several hundred fluorescent specimens are in stock for display, as well as systematic collections.  Note: Some of the specimens illustrated on our MINERAL SPECIMENS FOR DISPLAY pages are fluorescent. Go back to the home page and click on the MINERAL SPECIMENS FOR DISPLAY category, then check out the individual listings for specimens marked with a yellow *.   Additional fluorescent minerals are illustrated in the MONTHLY SPECIALS category -- click on the large white box near the bottom of our home page.

Ultraviolet Lamps -- An illustrated, full-color brochure is available covering various models of UV lamps for field use, handheld for home, laboratory, and shop use, as well as large units for illumination of home or institutional display.  Many other models are available for a variety of industrial applications.   Call, email, or FAX us for special quotations, based upon your needs.  Battery operated models are available for field use, as well as plug-in units for use with both 115V and 230V power sources.

Mineralogy, Geology, and Gemology Books -- Used, one of a kind mineralogy, geology, gemology, mining, micromounting, and field collecting books are available for collection, research, and reference library.  Most of these are older, out of print titles!

Meteorites, Tektites, and Related Items -- In addition to the specimens described and pictured on our web site, additional lists are available covering individually described meteorites, tektites (Australites, Indochinites,  Moldavites, Philippinites), impactite, and related items from worldwide localities.

Meteorite and Tektite Books -- A separate listing   containing information on used, one of a kind books is available covering the study and collection of meteorites, tektites, and related items of possible interest for your reference collection.  For NEW books on meteorites and tektites, go back to the home page and click on the category: BOOKS - METEORITES & TEKTITES.

Minerals Identified in Meteorites - Terrestrial minerals for comparison   / reference collection, which have been identified in meteorites.

White Cotton Filled Specimen and Jewelry Boxes -- Two-piece construction, white leatherette finish, with white cotton inserts -- seven different stock sizes to choose from.

Gemstone / Meteorite / Mineral Display Boxes -- Excellent for preservation and storage of all types of small collectibles, as well as display of gemstones, meteorites, minerals, cabochons, coins, stamps, insect collections, etc., etc.

White Folding Boxes -- One piece construction, fold-up cardboard specimen boxes without liners.

Plastic Display Stands -- Several models/sizes of   plastic display stands (pegstands) to choose from, clear plastic construction.

Acrylic Display Bases -- Ideal for use in home, show, or institutional display, clear plastic construction, several sizes to choose from.

Mineral and Gemstone Gifts, Designer Jewelry, Lapidary Arts -- This web site is under construction and will include unique mineral, gemstone, estate and designer jewelry, as well as lapidary art gifts.  Keep checking this listing on the Home Page -- we can help you solve your most difficult gift shopping problems!


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