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If you are tired of receiving "ordinary gifts" from your spouse, here are two ideas that may help! Why not drop an early hint to your spouse to get in touch with us for a special Christmas, Birthday, or other gift surprise!

1. We will gladly send approval selections of minerals, meteorites, or books to regular customers. We will be happy to help pick out something interesting for your collection if we have sent you specimens in the past and we are familiar with your collection requirements and interests. Just give your spouse "the hint" to call us and we will pick out something appropriate.

2. For those who are not sure if they want to receive specimens or books, we have Gift Certificates which can be purchased in any amount. These are nice for Christmas, but can also be useful for birthday gifts, Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, or other gift occasions throughout the year.

Contact Michael for help in making selections of minerals, meteorites, books, etc. , or to purchase Gift Certificates!

Phone: 480-225-1272
email: xlhunter@minresco.com


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