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Panasqueira Mine, Couto Miniero de Panasqueira, Castelo Branco District, Portugal
Absolutely beautiful, divergent spray composed of more than a dozen terminated, very lustrous black Ferberite xls. ranging from 3/4” tall, up to 2” tall, without rock matrix. The largest crystal, on the left side of the specimen, measures 1 1/2” tall and 3/4” across. The base and portions of the back of the specimen are coated a thin layer composed of many hundreds of light tan colored, disc shaped intergrown Siderite xls., accompanied by a minor amount of xlized Arsenopyrite.  Former collection of Dr. Robert Byers.

Overall specimen size:  2 1/4” tall, 2 7/8”  wide, and 1” thick at the base
Order Item:  MI-2000
Price:  $275.



Pyrite – Navajun, Logrono Region, La Rioja Province, Spain –  The largest Pyrite cube is 1 1/8” X 1 1/8”.  The host rock (matrix) is marl, which has been analyzed as more than 50% clay (type not specified in the analysis) and at least 15% calcium carbonate, i.e., either Calcite or Aragonite.

Order Item No. MI-1270A
Specimen size:  4 ¾ X 3 5/8 X  2 ¼”
Price:  $80 

Order Item No. MI-1270B
Specimen size: 3 7/8 X 2 7/8 X  2 3/8”
Price:  $65 


Quartz – Amethyst – State of Minas Gerais, Southeast Region, Brazil – Several nice display specimens available, priced according to the specimen size and size of crystals.  All are sections from the interiors of very large, geode-like formations.
Order Item No. MI-1267A
Specimen size:  4 5/8 X 2 ¼ X 1 ¼”
Price:  $30.
Quartz “Herkimer Diamond” – Middleville, Herkimer County, New York – Two large, magnificent water clear xls. are in a group, no matrix.
Order Item No. MI-1272
Specimen size:  2 ½ X 1 ½ X 1”
Price:  $145


Quartz – Amethyst – Artigas, Uruguay – Both specimens are sections of large, geode-like formations.  From this locality, these very special specimens have knobby projections of matrix, protruding into the hollow openings in the geodes, and these knobby projections are covered with Amethyst crystals.  Item B. only has small white Calcite xls. associated.

Order Item No. MI-1278A
Specimen size:  3 ½ X 2 ½ X 2 ¼”
Price:  $110.
Muscovite – Stak Nala, Gilgit Division, Pakistan – Large cleavage of light smoky gray color Muscovite, no matrix or associated minerals.
Order Item No. MI-1259
Specimen size:  6 X 4 ¼” across, X approx. 5 mm thick
Price:  $45

Skookumchuck Dam, Bucoda, Thurston County, Washington

A write-up covering this amazing USA locality for Mesolite by Rudy Tschernich, entitled "Zeolites from Skookumchuck Dam, Washington” appeared in the “Mineralogical Record” magazine, 3(1), p.30-34 (1974).  The specimen offered here is from the original find, purchased in 1969, and is from the collection of Frances and Jean Marshall of San Francisco, CA,  #F-27.  The Marshall’s original file card, with a hand drawn sketch of the specimen, will be sent with the specimen.  The individual terminated “matchstick” Mesolite xls. are up to 2 1/4” in length.  Micro white Laumontite xls. are associated.  No matrix.  The specimen was temporarily mounted to a clear Plexiglas display base with Elmer’s white glue in 1969, and could be removed, if desired, by soaking the specimen in water.

Specimen size:  2 1/4” tall, 1 1/8” wide at the top of the spray, and 3/8” wide at the base.
Order item:  MI-1997
Price:  $45.00

Actinolite with Talc – Wrightwood, San Bernardino Co., CA – Pale green to light silver-gray color Talc with dark green crystalline Actinolite, no matrix.

Order Item No. MI-1276B
Specimen size:  7 ¼ X 4 X 2”
Muscovite – Stak Nala, Gilgit Division, Pakistan – Large cleavage of light smoky gray color Muscovite, no matrix or associated minerals.
Order Item No. MI-1259
Specimen size:  6 X 4 ¼” across, X approx. 5 mm thick
Price:  $45




Tongren Mine, Tongren Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China

The three specimens described below have recently been received from one of the world’s best known occurrences for crystallized Cinnabar.

A single twinned, dark red Cinnabar crystal 7 mm across X 10 mm long is on matrix associated with more than 50 curved white rhombohedral Dolomite crystals. 
Specimen size:  2 3/8” X 1 3/4” X 1 3/4”
Order item:  2951
Price:  $70.

A single twinned, dark red Cinnabar crystal 8 mm across X 10 mm long is on matrix associated with numerous small, sparkly white Quartz crystals.  A small fragment of another 8 mm Cinnabar crystal is associated.  This specimen has the base of the matrix sawed so the specimen sits up in perfect orientation, for display.
Specimen size:  2 1/2” X 1 3/8” X 1 1/8”
Order item:  2952
Price:  $75.

Ten or more very sharp, dark red single Cinnabar crystals, averaging 3 mm to 7 mm in size, are scattered across the surface of the matrix.  Several small white curved rhombohedral Dolomite crystals are associated, as well as more than 25 small colorless needle Quartz crystals.  The back of the matrix has three more small Cinnabar crystals, plus numerous curved white rhombohedral Dolomite crystals.
Specimen size:  2” X 1 3/8” across X 3/4” thick
Order item:  2953
Price:  $90.
Culver-Baer Mine, near Cloverdale, Sonoma County, California

This California locality never produced a lot of native Mercury for the late 1800’s “California Gold Rush” days, but it did produce many exceptionally attractive specimens of acicular crystallized Cinnabar.  The crystallized Cinnabar from the Culver-Baer Mine is usually found spread across and lying flat upon open seams in the matrix, associated with colorless drusy micro Quartz crystals.  This specimen is from the collection of Edward H. Oyler (Edoylerite, the first known Mercury Silicate mineral, was named for him.), and was personally collected by Mr. Oyler in the Summer of 1975.
Description:   A triangular shaped matrix has bright red Cinnabar needles lying flat upon the surface of the matrix, covering about 65% of the front surface of the specimen and associated with colorless drusy micro Quartz crystals.

Specimen size:   4” X 3” across, X up to 2 ¼” thick
Gram weight:  N/A
Order Item:  2954
Price:  $60.00 



El Entredicho Mine, Almaden District, Castile La Mancha, Spain

This is one of the original, historical localities in Spain mined for Cinnabar.  It has been flooded and abandoned since ~2006.  Two specimens are available:

Description:  Bright red massive Cinnabar with a small amount of rock matrix.
Specimen size:   3 ¼” X 1 ¾” X up to 1 1/8” thick
Gram weight:  189.50 grams
Order Item:  2955 
Price:  $40.00 

Description:  Same as above, very rich, bright red massive Cinnabar with a small amount of veining of white Dolomite associated.  No rock matrix.
Specimen size:  2 ¾” X 2” across X up to 1 ¼” thick
Gram weight:  260.20 grams (more than ½ pound)
Order Item:  2956
Price:  $60.00
Guadalupe Mine, Santa Clara County, California

This is one of the two California localities for Cinnabar and Mercury that helped bring the “California Gold Rush”, beginning in the mid-1850’s, into focus on the worldwide map.  That is, the availability of Cinnabar, retorted for its Hg content, was of principal use for recovering placer Gold from the sluice boxes in the placer mining operations.  Without the plentiful supply of Mercury, the California Gold Rush would have had a completely different story as Hg would have had to be imported from Spain!  Mining ceased  at the Guadalupe Mine many years ago.
Description:  Mass of pure, bright red Cinnabar without matrix.  A couple of small areas on part of the specimen have very thin coatings of tan color, drusy micro Dolomite crystals.

Specimen size:   2 ½” X 1 ½” X 1”
Gram weight:  123.50 grams
Order Item:  2957
Price:  $30.00
Mine Hill, New Almaden Mine, Santa Clara County, California

This is the second California locality mentioned above, located just a few miles to the South of the Guadalupe Mine, that aided in the production of native Hg used by the placer miners in their sluice boxes to recover the small Gold nuggets and what they called “fines” or “flour Gold” from the placer river deposits.  Mining ceased at New Almaden many years ago.  The mine site is now a designated historical site, managed as a county park, with collecting absolutely forbidden.
Description:  Large for the mineral, chunk of massive red Cinnabar without matrix or associated minerals.
Specimen size:  3” X 2” across X up to 1 ½” thick
Gram weight:  285.90 grams (more than ½ pound)
Order Item:  2958 
Price:  $60.00

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