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Below are listings of used books that we feel are of special interest. Titles include books covering special mineral and mining localities, gemology, geology, mineralogy, fluorescent minerals, micromounting, field collecting guides, etc.


MINERALOGY FOR AMATEURS, By John Sinkankas, 10 1/4” X 7 3/4”, 585 pages. This is the original hard cover edition of Sinkankas’ classic on mineralogy.  After a few printings, the original name was shortened to “Mineralogy”.  Over 250 minerals are covered in this authoritative volume, long considered to be the most popular reference for anyone who wishes to gain a basic knowledge of minerals.  A description of each species includes its distinctive features, and the simplest and most direct methods one can employ to identify unknowns.  Instructions for home-made testing devices are included, and devices used in optical mineralogy are described.  The appendices include tables to expedite the identification of specimens, and a bibliography is included for further reading and study.  Over 136 photographs, and 191 line drawings of crystal forms closely supplement the text.  Descriptions of the individual minerals include the name and its history, varieties known, crystal data, physical and optical properties, chemistry, and distinctive features and tests.  Also included is information on how atoms form crystals, why crystals possess certain properties which distinguish them from each other, what to look for in the way of identifying habits and features, and where to look for specimens. This has been reviewed as one of the most easy to understand books on modern mineralogy that has ever been presented to the amateur mineralogist.  Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1964.
Order Item #BK-2235B (no dust jacket)
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MINERALOGY SIMPLIFIED, 4th Edition, by H. Erni and A. Brown, 414 pages with a 16 page supplement, 6 3/4” X 4 1/4”, illustrated with line drawings, crystal drawings, and many tables and graphs, original leather binding with gilt edges on the text.  This rare old mineralogy textbook is subtitled “Easy methods of identifying minerals, including ores, by means of the blow-pipe, by flame reactions, by humid chemical analysis, and by chemical tests”.  Also included is timely data on crystallography, tables for the determination of minerals by chemical and pyrognostic characters, and tables for the determination of minerals by physical characteristics.  Dr. Erni, the primary author, was the chief chemist of the United States Dept. of Agriculture, and Dr. Brown was the professor in charge of the department of geology and mineralogy at the University of Pennsylvania.  The book is thoroughly indexed (21 pages) by both general subjects, as well as by mineral names.  Included in the 16 page supplement at the back of the book is a “Catalogue of Practical and Scientific Books published by Henry Carey Baird &Co.  Condition of the book is like new inside, with some shelf wear to the leather binding.  Published by Henry Carey Baird &Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1908.

Order Item # BK-2273
Shipping weight:  2 pounds
Price:  $145


MINERALS OF BROKEN HILL, 1st Edition - By H. K. Worner, et al, 259 pages, 11 X 10 1/2 size, cloth bound.  This is the highly sought after, first edition of  Minerals of Broken Hill, originally published in 1982.  The Broken Hill mining district has proven to be one of the world’s greatest resources of Silver, Lead, and Zinc, in addition to being a treasure house of exquisite mineral specimens. The book contains a wealth of information about the minerals of this famous mining district.  The main focus of the book is the alphabetically listed descriptions of about 300 mineral species and varieties which have been discovered at Broken Hill.  The more important mineral species are illustrated – 170 color plates are included, along with numerous crystal drawings.  The history of this famous mining district, as well as the geology of the orebody, are also covered in detail.  This book is in like new condition, with the dust jacket intact.  Published by Australian Mining & Smelting Limited, Melbourne, Australia, 1982.
Order Item # BK-2275
Shipping weight: 5 pounds
Price:  $200.00

MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA - By H. E. Pemberton, 591 pages, 7 X 10” size, illustrated, hard cover.  This newest edition, current through 1983, covers the known mineral deposits within the State of California.  Completely updating information from the previous reports, this book also provides all new information on mineral deposits and occurrences of 736 terrestrial mineral species, as well as extensive data on meteorites found in the state.  Included are 109 maps showing the locations of mineral deposits, 126 photos of California mineral specimens, and 105 crystal drawings.   This copy is in like new condition inside and outside.  Minor shelf wear to the dust jacket.  Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., NY, 1983.Order Item # BK-2276            
Shipping weight:  5 pounds                                                      
Price:  $125.

MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA – CENTENNIAL VOLUME (1866-1966) - BULLETIN 189,  By J. Murdoch and R. Webb, California Division of Mines & Geology, 9 1/4” X 6 1/8”, 559 pages, with b & w photos of many of the early-day men important in the mapping and exploration of the State of California, and including a color plate of the Golden Bear Nugget found in 1871.  This hard cover book has been an invaluable reference for collectors of California minerals for more than 35 years.  The authors have updated and enlarged the information presented in the earlier Bulletin 173.  The mineral occurrences are described and listed, alphabetically, by county, with comments about the occurrences, and the authors have included topographical map coordinates for some localities.  Bulletin 189 is actually a more comprehensive reference guide, for field collectors and people interested in the mineralogy of the State of California, than the 1983 “Minerals of California” by Pemberton.  An extensive bibliography is included, as well as lists of California minerals, by county of origin.  This copy is in like new condition!  Published by the Calif. Division of Mines & Geology, San Francisco, CA, 1966.
Order Item # BK-2277
Shipping weight:  4 pounds
Price:  $70.

MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA – BULLETIN 173, Second Edition, By J. Murdoch and R. Webb, California Division of Mines, 9 1/4” X 6 1/8”, 452 pages, with 4 color plates (2 Benitoite, 2 Gold), hard cover.  The minerals included in this bulletin are arranged in alphabetical order, and a very complete system of cross-referencing has been employed, so that varietial names (such as Chrysotile) are referred to the main entry (as Serpentine).  Historical and geological sketches include information on minerals used by aboriginal and Indian cultures, the discovery of Gold in California, Borax explorations, Crestmore, the pegmatite gem area of Southern California, Cerro Gordo, the Glaucophane schists, as well as Uranium and rare-earth minerals.  The authors describe the mineral occurrences, alphabetically, by county, with comments about the occurrences, and have included topographical map coordinates for some localities.  An extensive bibliography is included.  This book is in very good condition, considering its age.  Published by the State of California, Division of Mines, San Francisco, CA, 1958.
Order Item # BK-2278
Shipping weight:  3 pounds
Price:  $25.

MINERALS OF MEXICO, By William Panczner, 10 1/4 X 7, 459 pages, cloth bound.  Illustrated with over 75 drawings and photos in total, the book has more than 20 color photographs of fine mineral specimens from Mexican mineral producing localities.  Also included are black & white photos of historically interesting mines / mining districts, plus numerous maps pinpointing the locations of various important mines and mining districts within the country.   Sixteen years since it was published, the book still remains the first and only modern guide to mines and minerals of Mexico, listing over 600 minerals from over 4,500 localities.  Panczner begins with 50 pages covering the important mining districts of Mexico wherein he gives the history, followed by data on the geology and mineralogy of each locality. The format for the description of the minerals is alphabetical.  The author lists the chemical composition and other pertinent data on each mineral, along with its geological setting, followed by detailed information on those localities producing each mineral, with comments about the production and distribution.  The volume also includes an unique chronology of Mexican mining history.  Condition of the book is like new inside and outside.  Dust jacket in perfect condition.  Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1987.
Order Item # BK-2280
Shipping weight:  4 pounds
Price:  $185.00

 MINERAL TREASURES (CHINESE MINERALS) - By Guo Keyi and Zhou Zheng, Geological Museum of China, Beijing, China. This recent release is hardbound and printed on heavy-weight, coated stock with 220 pages, illustrated with over 400 color photographs, 10 X 10 3/8” size, with an attractive, glossy, full-color slip cover. This beautifully illustrated book, with text in both English and Chinese, was prepared by the staff of the Geological Museum of China to commemorate the museum’s 80th anniversary of establishment, to be used as an introduction to the Museum’s mineral collection for Chinese collectors, as well as for visitors to the Museum from other countries.  The book places emphasis upon many important minerals which China is known for featuring such classics as Cinnabar, Stibnite, Azurite, Orpiment, Realgar, Wolframite, Scheelite, and Cassiterite.  Importance is also placed upon recently described new mineral species from China such as Hsianghualite, and others such as Montroydite, Lorandite, hair-like Cuprite, and dipyramidal Apophyllite which are found at Chinese localities in world-class specimens.  The staff of the Geological Museum of China has also added several photos of classic specimens from non-Chinese localities, which are represented in the collection.  Over 100 mineral species are described, and most species are illustrated with several color photographs.  The information provided with each photograph gives complete data on each specimen’s locality -- this locality information will be an important aid to anyone who has minerals from Chinese localities, and is not sure of the proper English spelling for labeling purposes!  Ten chapters cover the following groups: Native Elements; Sulfides and their Similar Compounds; Halides; Oxides and Hydroxides; Carbonates; Sulfates; Chromates, Tungstates, and Molybdates; Borates; Phosphates, Arsenates, and Vanadates; and Silicates.  A short introduction at the beginning of each chapter explains the characteristics of the group, and describes the geologic origins.  This copy is in new condition!  The book is 100% like new inside and outside.  The pictorial cardboard slip cover (shown in the accompanying photograph), was slightly damaged during shipping.  Published by the Geological Publishing House, Beijing, China, 1996.
Order Item # BK-2287
Shipping weight:  5 pounds                                                   
List Price:  $135.
Discount Price:  $110.

MONTEREGIAN TREASURES - THE MINERALS OF MONT SAINT-HILAIRE, QUEBEC, CANADA - By J. A. Mandarino and V. Anderson, 281 pages, 9 3/4 X 13 1/4 size, illustrated, hard cover.  While this book has been on the market for several years now, it remains at the top of our list as the most comprehensive, yet easily usable volume on the subject of the minerals of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.  Included in this very fine book are 281 pages of text and 32 pages of beautiful, full-color specimen photographs.  A complete write-up of Monteregian Treasures appears in Vol. 20, No. 5, P. 401 of the Mineralogical Record magazine (Sept-Oct 1989).  If you don't have a copy of the magazine, please ask and we will gladly mail you a Xerox  copy of the complete write-up on Monteregian Treasures.  A great many of the minerals found at Mont Saint-Hilaire are also found in the pegmatite deposits of the Kola Peninsula, U.S.S.R.  While not directly related, the book Monteregian Treasures can also be used as a valuable source of information covering the minerals and associations of many of the species found at both localities, as well as at similar types of deposits, worldwide.  Published by Cambridge University Press, NY, 1989.             
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