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Below are listings of used books that we feel are of special interest. Titles include books covering special mineral and mining localities, gemology, geology, mineralogy, fluorescent minerals, micromounting, field collecting guides, etc.


DANA’S TEXTBOOK OF MINERALOGY, 4th Edition - By W. E. Ford, 9 X 6, 851 pages, illustrated with several hundred line drawings and crystal drawings, cloth bound.  This book is sub-titled with an extended treatise on crystallography and physical mineralogy, and continues the work of Edward Salisbury Dana.  This 4th Edition of the series of Dana’s Textbook of Mineralogy was initially published only a little over ten years since the 3rd Edition.  The science of mineralogy had so many new developments during this period, that it was necessary to present the new data in this highly revised 4th Edition.  Numerous changes and updates have been made in all areas of the book.  The Part I chapters include general morphological and mathematical relations of crystals, with revised data on the six crystal systems.  Measurement of the angles of crystals, compound or twin crystals, irregularities of crystals, and crystalline aggregates are also covered.  In Part II, the physical characters of minerals are given.  Part III covers chemical mineralogy, Part IV covers origin, mode of occurrence and association of minerals, and Part IV covers descriptive mineralogy (nearly 400 pages).  Appendix A presents information on the drawing of crystal figures, and Appendix B includes the tables to be used in the determination of minerals, the general index, and the index to species.  The book is in like new condition inside, and the outside shows very minimal edge wear.  No dust jacket.  Published by John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1958.
Order Item # BK-2115
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Price:  $35.00

"DIAMONDS", 2ND Edition - By Eric Bruton, with original dust jacket, illustrated with color (1) and b/w (numerous) photos, figures, charts, maps, glossary of terms, 6 appendices, index, hard cover, 532 pages, 10” X 6 1/4”.  Completely revised and updated with much information and more illustrations added since the 1st Edition, "Diamonds" covers every aspect of Diamonds, their history and legends, where found, mined, and recovered, how the Diamond market operates, sorting and cutting and history of cuts, manufacture and grading, valuation, geology and origins, crystallography, physical properties, synthetic Diamonds, famous Diamonds, and the identification of Diamonds.  Condition is like new, inside and outside, with clear plastic cover on the dust jacket.  Published by the Chilton Book Co., Radnor, PA, 1978.
Order Item # BK-2120-1978
Shipping weight:  4 pounds
Price:  $75.


ELEMENTS OF MINERALOGY, By Brian Mason and L. G. Berry, 550 pages, 9 1/2” X 6 1/4”, includes many black & white photos of mineral specimens from the collections of the Royal Ontario Museum and Queen’s University in Canada, as well as from the American Museum of Natural History in NY, cloth bound.  In addition to the b & w photos of mineral specimens, the book is profusely illustrated with many more than 100 crystal drawings and structural illustrations, tables, and charts.  This book was intended to satisfy the requirements of a first course in mineralogy, and also to be useful to the student as a permanent reference.  Emphasis is given to general principles, as well as to the significance of mineralogical data in interpreting geological phenomena.  The authors’ goals in preparing this book were to develop in the student the facility for identifying minerals, especially the more common ones, and to provide the student with an understanding of the physics, chemistry, and genesis of minerals.  With this in mind, the greater goal is to go beyond the identification of the minerals to consideration of their geological significance and the evidence they bear for the interpretation of Earth history.  The first 200 pages include chapters covering crystallography, the chemistry of minerals, the physics of minerals, the genesis of minerals, determinative mineralogy, and the systematics of mineralogy.  This section is followed by 200+ pages covering the mineral descriptions, arranged by chemical classification (elements, sulfides, etc.).  The final section covers determinative mineralogy, and includes 27 pages of data in the form of determinative tables, followed by a comprehensive index of the minerals and subjects covered.  This book is in like new condition, inside and outside.  The data included in this book is as timely and relevant now, as it was when published.  Published by W. F. Freeman & Co., San Francisco, CA, 1968.
Order Item # BK-2122
Shipping weight:  4 pounds
Price:  $40.00

ELEMENTS OF OPTICAL MINERALOGY – AN INTRODUCTION TO MICROSCOPIC PETROGRAPHY, By A. N. Winchell, 5th Edition, 263 pages, 9 1/4” X 6”, hard cover.  This book constitutes a treatise on the principles and methods of optical mineralogy, including a section on the universal stage.  Among other topics, the theoretical discussion of the refractive index and elements of symmetry are presented.  The author has included more than 300 line drawings illustrating optical properties of minerals, crystal drawings, plus several black and white photos of petrographic microscopes.  Chapters include: elementary conceptions of mineralogy, crystallography, physical and chemical characters of minerals, elementary conceptions of optics, optical properties of isotropic minerals, microscopes, preparation of material for microscopic study, microscopic study of refringence, isotropic minerals, the nicol prism, uniaxial minerals in parallel polarized light, uniaxial minerals in convergent polarized light, uniaxial minerals, optical properties of biaxial minerals, biaxial minerals in convergent polarized light, biaxial minerals, special methods of study, and graphic methods for the improved universal stage.  The book is fully indexed by mineral names and subjects covered.  In a pocket at the back of the book are four special plates, including a universal stage protractor.  The book is in good condition inside and outside, with a small amount of shelf wear to the dust jacket.  Published by John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1922.
Order Item # BK-2123
Shipping weight:  3 pounds
Price:  $40.00

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MINERALS, 1ST EDITION, By Roberts, Rapp, and Weber, 693 pages, 11 1/4” X 8 3/4”, fully illustrated in color, hard cover.  The authors compiled this comprehensive work as a source of information, arranged in alphabetical order, for use by the amateur as well as students, professors, and research scientists.  A brief glossary of mineralogical terms is followed by nearly 700 pages of mineralogical data: mineral names, chemical formula, crystal system, class, space group, lattice constants, three strongest diffraction lines, optical constants, density, mode of occurrence (geographical data), cleavage, habit, color, luster, and best reference in English are the topics covered for each mineral!  At the time of its printing, the “Encyclopedia of Minerals” was the most authoritative, up to date, reference available anywhere on all of the known and authenticated minerals….it still is, for the more than 2,200 minerals covered in the text!  This is one of the more usable, quick reference texts available, current through minerals described in 1973.  Nearly 1,000 spectacular color photos of mineral specimens are provided!  The photos were selected to illustrate the outstanding features of a wide range of minerals, including many rare minerals for which photographs are generally difficult or impossible to locate.  Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1974.

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Price:  $185. 

GEM AND CRYSTAL TREASURES - By Dr. Peter Bancroft, 448 pages, 9 1/4 X 11, illustrated with nearly 1,000 b/w and color photos, hard cover. Through Gem and Crystal Treasures, Dr. Bancroft provides the reader with 100 field trips to many of the world's most exotic gem and mineral localities.  You will relive the discovery and earliest days of mining at each deposit, and meet those who worked in and about the mines – all portrayed in 667 b/w illustrations, and accompanied by an incredible amount of historical background information on each of these important mineral and gem producing localities.  Over 320 crystallized mineral and gemstone treasures and specimens are depicted in full color.  Each mineral specimen has been selected as one of the choicest examples available, worldwide – specimens pictured are from some of the world's most notable mineralogical / gemological museum displays, as well as from the collections of private individuals.  The mineral photographs are augmented by photos of exquisite gemstone carvings, faceted gems, and stunning jewelry made from the gemstones found at these localities. Condition: like new inside, very good outside with minimal shelf wear.  Dust jacket intact, also with minimal shelf wear.  Published by Western Enterprises and The Mineralogical Record, AZ, 1984. 
Order Item # BK-2130
Shipping weight:  6 pounds
Price:  $125.

GEMS & PRECIOUS STONES OF NORTH AMERICA, By George Frederick Kunz, 9 1/4 X 6, 367 pages, pictorial soft cover.  The book is very richly illustrated with numerous line drawings, woodcuts, as well as black and white photos, and includes many tables summarizing data on the various gemstones described.  Dr. Kunz was unusual in being both a geologist and one of America’s greatest practicing commercial gemologists, as well as a consultant for Tiffany.  His book contains a wealth of information on Diamond, Chrysolite, Sapphire, Ruby, Spinel, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Zircon, Garnet, Beryl, Chrysoberyl, Quartz, Agate and other crystalline and non-crystallized forms of Quartz, Spodumene, and dozens of semi-precious or highly ornamental stones.  For each, the author gives crystallographic data (where applicable), physical data, chemistry, geological circumstances of association, formation, exact geographical locality and, in many cases, information on present and historical use of these gemstones.  In addition to true gems and minerals, Kunz also presents an intriguing and detailed section on pearls and the pearl fishing industry.  The regions covered are varied and widely scattered – Maine, New Mexico, Alaska, Colorado and the Carolinas have produced a surprising number of precious and semi-precious stones.  A Diamond of nearly 24 carats was found in Virginia; Sapphire has been discovered along the bars of the Mississippi River; and New York City produced a crystal of Garnet weighing nearly 10 pounds. Dr. Kunz’ classic book on all gem occurrences in North America describes these, and hundreds of other finds.  The book is in very good condition, inside and outside.  Published by Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1968.
Order Item # BK-2135
Shipping weight:  3 pounds
Price:  $24.00 

GEMS AND GEM MATERIALS, 4th Edition - By Dr. E. H. Kraus, and Dr. Chester B. Slawson, 8 1/2 X 5 1/2, 287 pages, hard cover.  Illustrated with numerous black & white photos of mineral specimens, gem materials, cutting and polishing procedures, line drawings illustrating various cuts for fashioning gemstones, as well as basic testing equipment, the book also has some very nicely done woodcuts illustrating polarizing microscopes.  The authors give a brief historical sketch with information on gems and precious stones in ancient times.  They then give a lengthy discussion on what qualifies as a gem material.  Basic crystallography is discussed, and the crystal forms are defined and illustrated.  The physical properties of minerals are discussed – color, luster, specific gravity, luminescence, etc. The optical properties of minerals are described in detail, including the use of the polarizing microscope.  The formation and occurrence of gem minerals is discussed, followed by a chapter on cutting and polishing which includes engraving, size and weight of gemstones, etc.  Much information is included about manufactured or synthetic gems – including what to watch for in examining gemstones for authenticity.  The authors then devote nearly 100 pages to the description of individual gemstones. Included is a brief overview of the important physical properties of each mineral, information about cuts generally employed for each mineral, localities where they are found, and so forth.  The final chapter is a 50 page classification table listing gem materials according to crystal form, hardness, specific gravity, color, various physical and optical properties, and chemical composition.  The book is fully indexed, and is in very good condition inside, with the exception that the binding is split near the last pages in the book.  The cover is in very good condition, showing some normal shelf wear.  Autographed inside the front cover: Don Sommerfield.  Published by McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New York / London, 1941.
Order Item # BK-2140
Shipping weight:  2 pounds
Price:  $25.00 

GEMSTONES OF EAST AFRICA - By Peter Keller, 11 1/4” X 8 1/2” size, 160 pages, fully illustrated with 40 color, and 60 black & white photos, hard cover.  This highly recommended, informative volume covers both gemstones and minerals found within the significant gem deposits of Kenya and Tanzania, in East Africa.  The extensive gem deposits of East Africa, possibly the richest in the world, have never been so completely documented with such compelling photography.  The text is written from a geological / mineralogical perspective, providing an in-depth study of individual gem and mineral species occurring in East Africa.  The author has given a remarkable presentation of the numerous valuable gemstone species,  with special emphasis on the occurrences of Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires, Emerald and Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Tsavorite and other Garnets, as well as Opal and other gemstone deposits of lesser importance.  Also included are the most comprehensive maps of these occurrences ever published.  Published by Geoscience Press, Inc., Tucson, AZ, 1992.
Order Item BK-2157
Shipping weight:  3 pounds
Price:  $135.00

GEMSTONES OF NORTH AMERICA, 1st Edition, By John Sinkankas, 10 1/4” X 7 3/4”, 675 pages, 176 illustrations including line drawings, b & w photos, tables, and color plates, hard cover.  This very authoritative volume will serve as an invaluable reference guide for collectors, gem cutters, gem miners, geologists, mineralogists, jewelers, gemologists, and students, providing a wealth of information about the exciting gem resources of our continent, including Canada, Mexico, and the USA.  In careful, accurate detail, the author describes each gemstone species, as well as where and under what circumstances they are found, complete with data on their chemical composition, structure and physical properties.  All classes of gemstones are covered: all the better known gems of commerce, and also those which, by reasons of rarity or softness, find less important applications.  Pearls, both saltwater and freshwater, and other non-mineral gemstones such as amber and jet are also included.  Serious collectors can use this book as a guide for field trips, as there is complete and detailed information on localities for each gemstone species.  For those interested in discovering new deposits, the geology and mineralogy of deposits is discussed, making possible a better understanding of the circumstances under which gemstones are found.  Jewelers and gemologists will find accurate gem identification data for each species.  Finally, a tabular review of gemstone deposits, a helpful geographical index, and an exceptionally complete bibliography are included.  The bibliography contains over 2,400 entries, dating from colonial times to the present – the first and only definitive reference of its kind ever assembled.  The data included in this book is as timely and relevant now, as it was when published. The book is in excellent condition inside and outside, with a fair amount of wear to the dust jacket.  Published by Van Nostrand, NJ, 1959.
Order Item  # BK-2160
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Price:  $70.00



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