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"MINES AND MINERALS OF PERU",  By J. Crowley, R. Currier, and T. Szenics, 11” X 8 1/2”, 120 pages, with more than 60 color photographs of minerals and mining localities, numerous black and white photos, line drawings, maps, tables, and ancient woodcuts, pictorial soft cover.  This is the “Mines and Minerals of Peru” special issue of the Mineralogical Record magazine, Vol. 28, No. 4, July-August 1997.  Peru has been one of the world’s most prolific source of mineral specimens for the past 25 years, producing world-class Pyrite, Rhodochrosite, Hubnerite, Tetrahedrite, pink Fluorite, Pyrargyrite, Chalcopyrite, Rhodonite, Orpiment, and Gratonite, to name just a few.  Pyrite specimen production, in both quantity and quality, exceeds any other country in the world.  While nearly every mineral dealer, collector, and major mineral museum in the world has at least a few superb Peruvian specimens, the details regarding specific localities, ore deposits, and production histories are little known by most collectors and curators.  With this special issue of the Mineralogical Record, dealing primarily with specimens found since 1970, the authors have cast some light on the mineralogy of Peru and provided a great service in establishing the correct locality information (and spelling of same) for Peruvian specimens.  Mining in Peru dates back to the time of the pre-Inca cultures.  Sophisticated mining has been going on for more than four centuries, developed and continued under the rule of the Spanish after the conquest of Peru by Pizarro in 1533.  Silver mining was the principal industry, and by the year 1759 there were some 50 major mining districts and countless minor operations.  By 1790, the census of mines showed 784 Silver and 69 Gold mines in Peru!  Sadly, during this period, the bonanza yeas for many of the mines, virtually no mineral specimens were saved.  Literally thousands, possibly millions of tons of specimens were crushed and run through the mills or discarded onto the mine dumps.  Today, mining is still Peru’s dominant industry.  In the 1970’s, the government nationalized most of the mining properties.  By the early 1990’s with a change in government, many of the mines that were previously nationalized are now privatized, and the mining interests are mostly foreign owned.  In the early 1970’s the miners were the best source of mineral specimens, and it has only been since then that any serious effort toward saving specimens has been expended.  Over the years, individual sales operations have changed dramatically so that at this time Peruvian export dealers travel personally to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show to sell specimens and make contact with customers.  Many Peruvians are very secretive about mineral-producing locations, and most Peruvian road maps show the location of only a few mines.  The authors have performed a truly invaluable service to mineralogy, by collecting and documenting the information provided in this book.
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“MODERN PROSPECTING:  HOW TO FIND, CLAIM, AND SELL MINERAL DEPOSITS”, by Roger McPherson, 303 pages, 9” X 6”, paperback.  Included are many mining photographs, tables, drawings, maps, and reproductions of pertinent mine location and annual labor filing forms.  This new book, published in 2003, contains a wealth of information for the more serious prospector, miner, and field collector. The many topics covered include the basics of ore deposits, claim staking, analyzing stream gravels with a gold pan, research methods and sources, field equipment, assaying, geochemical prospecting, mineral trends and markets, geophysical prospecting, tips on prospecting for uranium, diamonds, platinum, pegmatite deposits, skarns, etc., as well as how to develop a prospect.  Many real-life discovery stories are presented along with discussions of actual mining examples such as placer mining in Alaska, Nevada, and more. The author was trained at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, so many of the examples and discussions specifically mention Alaskan issues. Even so, serious prospectors everywhere will find this a useful and informative book.  With its handy glossary and helpful information on government agencies, web sites and other contacts for assays, suppliers and geological bulletins, this book is the foremost how-to-do-it-right guide to prospecting in the 21st century.  Published by Gem Guides Book Co., Baldwin Park, CA, 2003.
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"MURZINKA (RUSSIA): The Alabashka Pegmatite Field" -  By V. I. Popova, V. A. Popov, and A. A. Kanonerov. "Murzinka" is Vol. 5 of the Mineralogical Almanac of the Russian Mineral Localities series, printed in English, with 136 pages, 10 1/2" X 8 1/2", pictorial soft cover, with over 100 color photographs of mineral specimens from this world famous mining district, as well as numerous black and white photos of an historical nature. The color photographs of minerals illustrate extremely fine specimens from various private collections in Russia, as well as exceptional specimens from the collections of several of the mineralogical and mining museums throughout the country. Also included are dozens of multi-colored line drawings depicting important geological features, as well as structural drawings of important veins and pockets which produced gem crystals. More than 180 crystal drawings are included to complement the text.  The Alabashka field of granite pegmatites, in the valley of the Alabashka River, is in the northernmost area of the Murzinka region of the Ural gemstone belt. The Murzinka pegmatite field to the south, in the Neiva River Valley, includes numerous other important mines. This publication is devoted to the most interesting pegmatites of the region, and the minerals produced from these gem-bearing deposits. The Murzinka region is best known for its production of fine crystallized specimens and gemstone material, primarily Topaz and Beryl (Aquamarine and Emerald).  Information for this book has been drawn from publications beginning in 1836, and the book is up to date with new information provided by researchers who have published works as recently as 1999 and 2000. Topics in the book include: History of Exploration and Mining, Geological Review, Morphology and Structure of the Pegmatites, and Mineralogy. There is an extensive glossary, a very comprehensive list of references, and the book is fully.  This new book was published in Russia by Ocean Pictures, Ltd., the Russian Geological Society, and the Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2002.

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Additional volumes in the Mineralogical Almanac series on famous mineral localities, available from us, are:

Vol. 4 --  Dal’negorsk mining district in the Primorskiy Kray, Far Eastern Russia    
Vol. 5 -- Murzinka gem-bearing pegmatite region of the Ural Mountains  
Vol. 7 -- Kukisvumchorr in the Khibiny Alkaline Massif, Kola Peninsula 
Vol. 8 –  Minerals of the Kerch Iron-Ore Basin in Eastern Crimea 
Vol. 14 -- Ural (Russia) Emerald Mines                                                                          

"NEW MINERALS 1990-1994" - By Dr. Joseph A. Mandarino This new book is a must have for anyone interested in newly described minerals! Dr. Mandarino is the former chairman of the I.M.A.’s Committee on New Minerals and Mineral Names. He is known, worldwide, as an eminent authority on minerals. Dr. Mandarino’s insistence upon correctness and completeness of data, as well as upon the analytical procedures used to obtain infor-mation for the description of new mineral species, has gained him a reputation among his colleagues and friends in the field, as being a legend in his own time! His goal, in compiling this first book in a series, is to make complete, precise information on all new mineral species available to researchers, as well as hobbyists, in a timely manner. Those who are interested in having the most up to date reference information on new mineral species in a condensed volume, and without the delays normally encountered in waiting for existing hard cover reference books to be updated, will be delighted and impressed with Dr. Mandarino’s work! A complete review of this new book appears in the “Mineralogical Record” magazine, Vol. 28, P. 84-85 (March- April 1997 issue). “New Minerals - 1990-1994” contains 231 pages, 6 X 9” size, illustrated with many crystal drawings and a soft, pictorial cover as shown at the left. The book is arranged alphabetically, with a full page devoted to each of the 219 new mineral species described. Topics covered for each mineral include: mineral name, crystal system, chemical composition, locality, mode of occurrence and associations, general appearance of the mineral, physical, chemical, and crystallographic properties, information on the naming of the species, other important comments, and references. Dr. Mandarino has also provided a nine page introduction. An alphabetical Table of Contents is reproduced on the back cover of the book, providing a very handy, quick reference guide as to the names of the minerals described within. Published by the Mineralogical Record, Inc., Tucson, AZ, 1997.
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"NEW MINERALS 1995-1999"  By Dr. Joseph A. Mandarino. This second volume brings Dr. Mandarino’s listings of all newly described mineral species up to date, through 1999. Those who are interested in having the most up to date reference information on new mineral species in a condensed volume, without the delays normally encountered in waiting for existing hard cover reference books to be updated, will be delighted and impressed with Dr. Mandarino’s work! The contents of this book are taken from abstracts first published in the "Mineralogical Record" magazine, and have been updated to include all available new data available on each of the minerals, including citations to the structure determinations that have come to light since the publication of the original abstracts. Dr. Mandarino has also incorporated additional unpublished information on some of the new minerals, taken from the proposals submitted to the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names. Amateur and professional mineralogists alike should find NEW MINERALS 1995-1999 a very valuable addition to their mineralogical reference libraries. Included are 281 pages, 6" X 9" size, illustrated with many crystal drawings, and a full color, soft pictorial cover. The book is arranged alphabetically, with a full page devoted to each of the 268 new mineral species described. Topics covered for each mineral include: mineral name, crystal system, chemical composition, locality, mode of occurrence and associations, general appearance of the mineral, physical, chemical, and crystallographic properties, information on the naming of the species, other important comments, and references. An alphabetical index is also provided at the back of the book. A very handy alphabetical listing of the contents is reproduced on the back cover of the book, providing a quick reference guide as to the names of the minerals described within. Published by the Mineralogical Association of Canada as The Canadian Mineralogist, Special Publication Number 4, Ottawa, Ontario, 2001.
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t_bk0523.jpg (10884 bytes) "NOMENCLATURE OF MINERALS: A COMPILATION OF IMA REPORTS, THE " - By the Mineralogical Association of Canada, 149 pages, 9 1/4 X 6 5/8" size, illustrated with many tables and line drawings, pictorial soft cover. This handy compilation of IMA reports has all of the "good stuff" you have probably read by the authors in the "Canadian Mineralogist", "American Mineralogist", or other publications that deal with recently published, IMA-sanctioned reports on nomenclature. The Mineralogical Association of Canada has published this booklet to provide researchers and collectors with a single source of information, to save time in trying to retrieve data, or trying to remember where you saw it! A few of the topics covered include:
  • "The IMA Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names: procedures and guidelines on mineral nomenclature, 1998"
  • "The Definition of a Mineral"
  • "Formal Definitions of Type Mineral Specimens"
  • "Nomenclature of the Micas"
  • "Nomenclature of the Amphiboles"
  • "Nomenclature of the Pyroxenes"
  • "Recommended Nomenclature for Zeolite Minerals"
  • "Classification and Nomenclature of the Pyrochlore Group"
  • "Nomenclature of Platinum-group-element alloys"

Published by the Mineralogical Association of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, 1998.
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This is Special Publication No. 1 of the “Mineralogical Record” magazine, 11” X 8” size, soft cover, 96 pages.  This special issue of the “MR” has more than 90 color photos of petrographic microscopes and related equipment, as well as photomicrographs of various minerals.  Many of the color  photographs include photos of historically important instruments from the collection of the Technical University of Freiberg, Germany, as well as photos of early-design scopes from several private collections.  The author’s introduction describes this work: “The petrographic microscope, designed to observe and measure the optical properties of minerals as a means of identifying them, has provided a foundation for mineralogical and petrological research for more than 120 years.  Much of what is known today in these fields in attributable to this instrument, the development of which paralleled an evolution of fundamental optical theory and its correlation with mineral structure and composition.  This instrument and its related accessories have evolved through a range of models and designs, which are in themselves distinctive for their scientific function and elegant construction, and are today prized by collectors of scientific instruments.”  Chapters include the characteristics of the petrographic microscope, historical development, manufacturers, accessories and their functions, followed by a chapter describing the evaluation and restoration of used and often historically important instruments.  Published by the Mineralogical Record, Inc., Tucson, Arizona, 2003.
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t_rgh.jpg (14605 bytes) "ROADSIDE GEOLOGY OF HAWAI’I" - By Richard Hazlett and Donald Hyndman, 307 pages, 70 two-color maps and drawings, 230 black and white photos, soft cover. The geology of the islands, though basically volcanic, is extremely interesting and anyone traveling there will find a wealth of useful information packed into this exceptional book. The authors begin with the evolution of this volcanic chain, from the origin of a hot spot and the tumultuous creation of each island, to ongoing eruptions, and the gradual death and erosion of some of the older volcanoes. There is an overview of the geology of each of the main islands, information as well as descriptions and maps of lava flows, lava tubes you can walk inside of, plus many other volcanic features, ancient beaches, coral reefs, massive landslides, and much more. There is an individual chapter covering each island, with road guides describing the geology and many features that can be visited along the highways, as well as in the National and State Parks. This book will provide many hours of reading and study -- much more than one would expect for such a modestly priced book, covering such a limited land area. There is also a brief explanation of the Hawai’ian language, which is very helpful to visitors since most of the landmarks retain their native Hawaiian names -- Main Street, First Street, and etc. are not the names of streets in Hawai’i.....volcanoes like Kilauea, and craters like Halema’uma’u were not named by English-speaking map makers! If you are going to Hawai’i, you need this book -- the time you spend reading on the airline will be a major investment in broadening your appreciation of your visit to the islands, especially their origin and geologic features! Published by Mountain Press Publishing Company, Missoula, MT, 1996.
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“ROCK AND GEM – The Definitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gems, and Fossils”, by R. L. Bonewitz and M. W. Carruthers, Smithsonian Institution Press, 360 pages, 11” X 8 3/4”, with more than 200 color photographs covering all aspects of the study of rocks, minerals, fossils, and gems, hard cover.  The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum complex -- a center for research dedicated to public education, national service, and scholarship in the arts, sciences, and history.  This new Smithsonian release offers striking visual profiles including full color photographs, as well as graphs and tables, accompanied by easy to understand text.  The book provides an indispensable guide to the entire range of rocks, minerals, and fossils, with key information for accurate identification, and practical advice on how to cut, polish, and display natural as well as cut specimens and gemstones.  Information provided for each mineral includes the data arranged systematically by elements, sulfides, sulfosalts, oxides, etc.  The description of each mineral featured includes a physical description, with physical properties including group, crystal system, composition, color, form / habit, hardness, cleavage, fracture, luster, streak, specific gravity, and transparency.  The rock types and fossils are similarly characterized.  The authors also present an intriguing look at the many ways rocks and minerals have been used in primeval times, from basic building blocks, to fine decoration, to religious artifacts, jewelry, and much more, through modern-day uses and applications.  Published by DK Publishing, Inc., New York, 2005.
ISBN: 0-7566-0962-3
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, By V. Bukanov, 9 1/2” X 7”, 472 pages, with 440 color photographs of minerals, gemstones, and objects d’art, pictorial hard cover, in English.  An immense amount of data has been collected for this book, including data on 500 types of gemstones, and 2,200 varieties.  It is interesting for both professionals, and for readers of any level of knowledge and sphere of activity.  The Encyclopedia is expected to provide new inputs to all those interested in gemstones.  Gemologists can look up information on ornamental and decorative characteristics and sources of gemstones, state-of-the-art technologies of gemstone imitation, and various man-made materials. Geologists and mineralogists will find the information useful in prospecting of gemstone occurrences, comprehensive use of mineral deposits, and in the search for gemstone varieties so far unknown in their countries.  Art critics and jewelers will be provided numerous examples of application of gemstones in unique masterpieces and works of art.
A brief introduction contains the history of the jeweler’s art, and a summary of the names of the minerals classified as gemstones.   The following chapters include: best known gemstones (Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, etc.), less known gemstones (Cassiterite, Chrysocolla, Lazulite, Titanite, etc.,) gemstones for collectors (list of 50 of the best known minerals used as gemstones), minerals and rocks as ornamental stones, bio-organic jewelry (pearls, coral, jet, etc.), synthetic analogues of gemstones, synthetic gemstones, and artificial ornamental materials.   For each of the minerals covered, the author gives the following data: chemical composition and physical properties (crystal system, hardness, density, physical characteristics, color, etc.), locality information on a worldwide basis, fluorescence, and other pertinent data relative to each mineral’s description.   A complete list of references is included.  Appendices include more than 75 pages covering lists of unique Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, several tables on Emeralds from Russia and other worldwide localities, unique Gold nuggets, data on Jade occurrences, refractive indexes of gemstones, and much more.  This is followed by very comprehensive 32 page index including 8,500 names and synonyms!  Published by Granit Publishing, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006.
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