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"COLORADO ROCKHOUNDING - A GUIDE TO MINERALS, GEMSTONES, AND FOSSILS" - By Stephen M. Voynick, 392 pages, 6 X 9" size, illustrated with many black and white photos and locality maps, soft cover. Stephen Voynick, a former Climax, Colorado miner, writes regularly for several national magazines on topics of natural resource development, mining, western history, etc. In "Colorado Rockhounding", Voynick provides a complete guide to the state's rock and varied mineral, gemstone, and fossil sources. Collecting guidelines, as well as in-depth, county-by-county field collecting information, are provided covering localities for minerals in many of the state's historic Silver and Gold mining districts. Numerous gemstone and mineral collecting localities, as well as placer Gold producing areas, are described within the Rocky Mountains. Agate and petrified wood localities of the Great Plains are described, and numerous fossil localities are given. Published by Mountain Press Publishing Company, Missoula, MT, 1994.  A similar title is available in this listing, by Stephen Voynick, #9-4   "New Mexico Rockhounding -- A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils".
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"COMPLETE BOOK OF MICROMOUNTING, THE " - By Quintin Wight, 283 pages, 11 X 8 1/4" size, hard cover, illustrated with black & white photos, numerous line drawings and sketches, plus a color album of 165 beautiful micromineral photographs taken by some of the world's most talented and skilled specialists. All aspects of micromounting are covered including the history of micro-mineral studies and collecting from the 17th Century to the present, trading and field collecting methods, specimen preparation, identification, mounting and conservation techniques, microscopes, micromineral photography, tools and equipment, and much more. An in-depth review of this book appears in the "Mineralogical Record" magazine, Sept-Oct 1993, P. 398. This new book is published by the Mineralogical Record, Inc., Tucson, AZ, 1993.
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"CRYSTAL HABITS OF MINERALS" - By: Kostov, I. and Kostov, R. I.
9 1/2" X 6 5/8" (170x240 mm), richly illustrated with 190 tables including crystal drawings and b/w photos, extended bibliography, index, hardback with full color pictorial cover. In English. 415 pp.  The book is a comprehensive crystallogenetic overview on the morphology of minerals based on the authors` original ideas. Current theories of crystal growth are briefly dealt with, attention being paid to the classical layer-by-layer and dislocation mechanisms. The modification of crystal forms of the most important rock-forming and ore-forming minerals, presented by their principal crystal habits, is checked by both observation in their natural occurrences and laboratory experiments. Crystal growth by accretion of clusters and/or submicroscopic crystallites under specific natural environments is also discussed. The examples used illustrate crystallization and variation in the crystal habits of minerals in magmatic, pegmatitic, hydrothermal, weathering, sedimentary and metamorphic environments. The trends of crystal habit variation have been used for genetic interpretations and for outlining corresponding morphological zonalities. An extensive bibliography is included. The book is intended mainly for geoscientists  (mineralogists, crystallographers, geochemists, petrologists and economic  geologists), but it may also profit chemists, soil scientists, ore-dressing  specialists and others of similar professional interests. Academician Ivan  Kostov. DIC, FGS, ARSM., is a Professor of Mineralogy and Crystallography at St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. Member of: the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Leopoldina German Academy, the Russian Academy of Sciences. Honorary Member of: the Mineralogical Society, the Geological Society and the Geologists` Association of Great Britain, the Russian Mineralogical Society, and others. Former President of IMA, Vice-President of IAGOD, IGCP UNESCO expert. Author of textbooks and monographs on mineralogy and crystallography; over 260 publications on the morphology, genesis and geochemical-crystallochemical systematics of minerals. Dr. Ruslan I. Kostov. is an Associate Professor of Mineralogy and Crystallography and Head of the Geological Museum at the University of Mining and Geology in Sofia. Ph.D. (Cand.Sc.) from the Institute of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, and a Member of the Bulgarian Mineralogical Society.  He is the author of 5 books, and over 70 publications in mineralogy and gemology. "Crystal Habits of Minerals" is co-published by Pensoft Publishers and the Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 1999, as Bulgarian Academic Monographs No. 1.
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By Ichiro Sunagawa, Tohoku University, Japan, 308 pages, 10” X 7”, pictorial hard cover.  ISBN-10: 0521841895 How do crystals nucleate and grow? Why and how do crystals form such a wide variety of morphologies? These questions have been posed since the seventeenth century, and are still vitally important for modern technology and understanding the Earth's interior and formation of minerals by living organisms. Including a range of case studies of complex systems, from Diamond, Calcite and Pyrite to crystals formed through biomineralization, this book establishes the atomic processes behind crystal growth.  Contents:  Part I. Fundamental Images:  1. Introduction;  2. Forms crystals exhibit;  3. Crystal growth;  4. Factors to determine morphology of polyhedral crystals;  5. Surface microtopography of crystal faces;  6. Perfection and homogeneity of single crystals;  7. Regular intergrowth of crystals;  8. Forms, textures of polycrystalline aggregates;  Part II. Application to Complicated and Complex Systems:  9. Diamond;  10. Rock crystal (Quartz); 11. Pyrite and Calcite;  12. Minerals formed by vapor growth;  13. Crystals formed by metasomatism and metamorphism;  14. Crystals formed by living activities, Appendices.  Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2005.
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- By V. Moroshkin and N. Frishman.  This is Vol. 4 of the Mineralogical Almanac series of famous Russian mineral localities, printed in English, 128 pages, 10 1/2" X 8 1/2", pictorial soft cover, over 110 color photographs plus several maps, b & w photos, crystal drawings, and line drawings of important mineral pockets and veins discovered within the ore bodies. This book is the most up to date, English language publication available covering the Dalnegorsk mining district in the Primorskiy Kray, Far Eastern Russia. This district is currently one of the principal suppliers of quality mineral specimens in Russia, and has produced spectacular specimens of Fluorite, Pyrrhotite, Galena, Sphalerite, Danburite, Datolite, Ilvaite, Hedenbergite, Calcite, Quartz, and many others. Through the efforts of numerous mineral dealers, specimens from this very remote, far eastern part of Russia are becoming available on the market and since the mines continue to operate, it is very likely we will see more Dal’negorsk specimens for sale in the future. This extremely comprehensive book examines the complex geology of the deposit, and gives very detailed explanations of the formation of each of the minerals found at Dal’negorsk. Color photographs of excellent specimens are included from several museum collections, as well as from private collections in Russia.  Published in Russia by Ocean Pictures Ltd., the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, the Russian Geological Society, and the Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2001.

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Additional volumes in the Mineralogical Almanac series on famous mineral localities, available from us, are:

Vol. 4 --  Dal’negorsk mining district in the Primorskiy Kray, Far Eastern Russia    
Vol. 5 -- Murzinka gem-bearing pegmatite region of the Ural Mountains  
Vol. 7 -- Kukisvumchorr in the Khibiny Alkaline Massif, Kola Peninsula 
Vol. 8 –  Minerals of the Kerch Iron-Ore Basin in Eastern Crimea  
Vol. 14 -- Ural (Russia) Emerald Mines                                                                          


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"DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGICAL TERMS" - Third Edition.   By The American Geological Institute, edited by Robert L. Bates and J. A. Jackson, 8” X 5 1/8”, 571 pages, pictorial soft cover.  This excellent, very comprehensive publication provides accurate definitions of the working vocabulary of the earth sciences.  From aa (a Hawaiian term for lava flows) through zoogenic rock, and zweikanter, this third edition includes:

  • Accurate definitions, without technical jargon

  • Many word origins

  • Hyphenation and pronunciation guide

  • Commonly used abbreviations

  • A geologic time and life chart

Everyone interested in the earth sciences, mineralogy, geology, etc., should have this authoritative, very reasonably priced  571 page dictionary in their reference library!  Published by Anchor Books / Random House, New York, 1984.
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“ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MINERAL NAMES” - By W. H. Blackburn and W. H. Dennen, 11.63 X 8.25 inch size, 360 pages, illustrated, pictorial hard cover. This excellent new book (1997) is published by the Mineralogical Association of Canada, and is highly recommended as a must have for mineral collectors, mineralogists, and anyone interested in minerals! The book includes information covering a wide range of topics -- beginning with an explanation of the derivation of the names of all IMA-approved mineral species with the proper spelling of each one, and including the following information on each mineral species: chemical composition, crystal system, space group, and (where appropriate) its relationship, structural or chemical, to other minerals. Those, in turn, are followed by the etymology (origin and development) of the name. If the mineral was named for a person, a brief biography is included. Type locality information is given. Finally, each entry is concluded with references to the original work, or to relevant papers published later. This book is clearly a substantial work, involving research and scholarship of a high order, as might be expected when one reflects that there are now some 3,800+ described minerals. The book is a full compilation of known minerals to the end of 1996, and includes the new IMA recommendations on the nomenclature of the amphiboles published in Feb. 1997 in The Canadian Mineralogist, making it the most up-to-date reference work available! The book is enhanced with numerous superb black and white drawings of mineral specimens (not crystal drawings), provided by the well known science illustrator, Peter I. Russell. A complete review of this new book appears in the “Mineralogical Record” magazine, Vol. 28, No. 5 (Sept-Oct 1997). Published by the Mineralogical Association of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, l997.
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, By Henry Russell, 304 pages, 11 1/4” X 8 3/4”, illustrated with nearly 300 color photographs, hard cover.  From the dust jacket … “People have been fascinated by rocks, minerals, and gemstones since ancient times.  The study of rocks, minerals, and gemstones casts important light on numerous other subjects including chemistry, medicine, metallurgy, geology, and paleontology.  Business studies, economics, and politics may also be illuminated with a basic knowledge of the valuable ores that form the basis of the wealth of many nations.  People have used rocks, minerals, and / or gemstones to build their homes, and to construct monuments to praise their gods.  They have polished them and worn them as decorations. They have imbued them with special powers, and they have used them in a variety of ways, from the everyday to the extraordinary.  The Encyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones looks at 294 different rocks, minerals, and gemstones, arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference.  Each entry describes where the material has been found, how it was formed, what it is made of (chemical composition), how it is used, and how it relates to other naturally occurring substances.  There is also a wealth of information about mining techniques, industrial applications, gem cutting methods, as well as astrological significance, myths, and legends.  Each entry in the book is illustrated with beautiful color photographs.  A detailed glossary explains technical terms.  This book is an ideal guide to a fascinating subject.” Published by Thunder Bay Press, San Diego CA, and by Brown Paperworks Ltd., London, England, 2001.
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